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Ratonga never claim to be anything more than they are. Some folk believe they must be older race, how else would they come out of the ground learned and civil? Have they been watching societies this entire time? Or were they just recently blessed by the gods, coming into intelligence with a purpose? No one has any answers, because the ratonga are surprisingly vague and closed mouthed about anything prior to the day the race walked out of the Underdark and began to live with the other races. That's truly surprising because they won't stop talking about everything else.

Wiry and Widespread

Ratonga are approximately the same height as dwarves, standing 4 feet tall but incredibly slender and agile. They walk upright on two legs, but can just as easily scurry around on all fours, making them deceptively quick. They weigh closer to that of halflings and gnomes, around 40 to 45 pounds. Their coat ranges from tan to black and can either be a solid color or have variations and patterns. Generally their stomachs are much lighter in color than the rest of their bodies. Their eyes or black or dark brown.   Their clothing and equipment depends on the current situation. They are comfortable in just about anything; rich robes to advise a noble, to waterproof, filth-tainted rags for crawling through the sewers. Many ratonga have a weakness for gems, jewelry and other such trinkets. All ratonga have a brand somewhere on their body, typically hidden from view. Some consider it to be their place of origin, others believe it to be a tribal marking or some such thing. In truth, the ratonga will tell you whatever you want to believe, and you'll believe it.

Subtly Devious

Possibly the most adaptable race, including humans, the ratonga are at home almost anywhere. Ratonga may be somewhat deceitful, or clever and shy, but they are generally not cruel or aggressive. They can be incredibly devious and fairly selfish, and are always looking for opportunities and advantages to be had. Many ratonga don't consider the other races anything more than pawns which they can manipulate, and vessels they can out maneuver.   The ratonga are an enigma in society, blending in despite their obvious physical differences. Some have become important liasons or advisors to different governments. No one besides the ratonga really know their true intentions. They love to engage in conversation whenever possible and are unrivaled social chameleons, able to integrate themselves with almost any individual willing to have a conversation.


The ratonga that have come out of the Underdark don't seem to have a society of their own, no towns or cities. Instead they seem to have integrated into different towns and cities throughout the realm. They are most populous within human kingdoms, but they have also found welcome through the realms of halflings and gnomes as well. They get along well with cheerful halflings and the tinkering gnomes very well. Elves and dwarves are incredibly suspicious of these new people and the ratonga's integration into their societies are slow. Ratonga seem to have no intentions with the plane-touched and dragonmen and generally stay away from the tabaxi as well.   Whether they are merchants, members of the thieves guild or advisors to a king, the ratonga have thrived in their new world above the Underdark.


The Ratonga seem to be adventurers from the start. They have left whatever homeland they had somewhere in the Underdark to live amongst the surface dwellers. There is a wide range of reasons that the ratonga live their lives the way they do, whether it be an accumulation of power, wealth or stories. Who can tell the motivations behind the ratonga's actions besides themselves.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Ratonga generally adopt the names of whatever race's society they live in. Ratonga have been known to adopt several names, especially if they frequent different towns and villages.
80 years
Average Height
4 feet
Average Weight
40 - 45 lbs.


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