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Spiderhaunt Forest

The Spiderhaunt is an massive expanse of forest which follows the Daggerspine Peak mountain range and continues south into central Corwynth, splitting the continent. The forest is roughly 160,000 square miles, with more temperate vegetation at the southern end and growing more boreal towards the north before bleeding into the Maelmoor.   The forest is populated with tribes of goblinoids in the south and several different species of giant spiders, for which it gets its name. Far more terrifying are the areas of the forest where the dead cannot find rest. These areas are primarily found in the central Spiderhaunt, northwest of the mountains. In centuries passed this forest was home to wood elves, who built whole settlements, temples and outposts within it. Most, if not all, of the elves have left the woods long ago; either hunted by predatory creatures or forced to leave during the Weeping War. The ruins of such settlements are said to contain great wealth, though few who seek riches within the woods ever make it back out alive.


The Spiderhaunt, or Orar'Shilmista as the elves know it, is a diverse ecosystem of verdant plant life. A full canopy of lush vegetation, all shades of green, spans for thousands of miles. Though more vast in previous centuries before logging became so prevalent, it is still the largest forest on the continent of Andeir.   Beneath the canopy, the trees grow tall and healthy and the undergrowth is thick and green. Shrubs, ferns, moss and grasses grow freely on the forest floor providing shelter to the small creatures that call the forest home. There are pockets of the forest where the trees have grown to form arching passages and the canopies have become woven into great stretches of ceiling where the rays of the sun penetrate in specific locations to illuminate the forest below. These areas are glimpse into the past; when the elves would work their magic to bend nature to their will. Ancient settlements, long abandoned, can usually be found near these displays of elven mastery over nature.   Where there is beauty, so often, there is also darkness. With the elves no longer present, evil creatures have taken up residence in recent centuries. Either spilling southward from the Maelmoor or coming from the twisting caverns beneath the nearby mountains, these evil being have begun to pervert nature into something far more sinister. In whole regions of the forest the trees grow tight and twisted, limbs grasping outward and upward, blocking out the sunlight above. The forest floor is covered in bramble patches which tear at the flesh of beings too large or cumbersome to navigate effectively. Even the waterways in these areas of darkness have become fouled, the rivers and small lakes become tainted and undrinkable. And finally, the barriers between planes of existence grow thin allowing the essence of the Shadowfell to bleed through.

Fauna & Flora

The Spiderhaunt is home to many woodland creatures. Squirrels, birds, rodents, wild pigs, and larger predatory mammals call the region home. However, the forest has earned its name from the many different species of giant spiders and their ilk. Ettercap, phase spiders, giant tunneling spiders, venom spitting spiders and the fearsome sword spider can be found within the woods. There are several goblin tribes which utilize the spiders as mounts located in the southern regions, as well as other goblinoids.   The Spiderhaunt forest is home to a wide variety of trees species. The most common coniferous species found in the forest include black and white spruce, balsam fir, and jackpine. The most common deciduous trees found in the Spiderhaunt include white birch, aspen, oak and poplar. More sinister are the sentient, carnivorous species of tree known as Quickwood which are normally undetectable from true oak trees and are always found close by.

Natural Resources

The Spiderhaunt forest provides wood to neighboring villages and towns and for centuries has been an important location for logging. Depending on the season, hunting game within the forest is a staple of survival for nearby villages but does present an inherent risk to those venturing too deep into the woods.

Where the spirits originally came from, few now live who can remember. Most believe they are the tortured souls of elves, cursed to wander the forest and unable to find peace of death.

The giant trap door spider is a hunting spider which builds tunnels and surprises its prey. Once a victim has been pulled into the spider's lair, it is covered in webbing and siphoned of its vital juices - leaving only a dried husk.

Alternative Name(s)
Orar'Shilmista - Elvish for Forest of Shadow
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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