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The Orb of Orivious

When the other deities of Kelbonnar resolved to remove from power Orivious, the god of dominating rule, darkness and lies and imprison him within a demi-plane, they knew that the task was near impossible. Orivious was regarded as the proto-deity, the first divine being and was considered to have reserves of power far beyond those of the other gods and goddesses, and it was thought that unless he was weakened, it would be impossible to imprison him anywhere as he would eventually be able to break out and enact his revenge.   To counter this, the deities formulated a plan, where they, led by the goddess of undeath, Larella, devised a ritual that would be able to siphon off a portion of Orivious’ divine power, hoping that it would weaken him substantially enough to allow them to imprison him for time immemorial and prevent him from escaping on his own. However, the gods and goddesses knew that they could not simply release the raw power that they drew from Orivious into the world. At best they guessed that it would simply be drawn back into him, at worst they feared that it would unleash untold destruction on the world if left unconfined.   To this end, the goddess Menara constructed a magically reinforced orb out of rock crystal that was used to contain the power drawn out of Orivious by Larella's ritual and when it’s purpose was served, the orb was whisked away by the goddess Gallena to be hidden far from the knowledge of gods and mortal creatures.

Manufacturing process

The exact process that went into the creation of the Orb of Orivious is known only to the goddess of ingenuity, craftsmanship and manufactured beauty, Menara. What is known is that it took many hours of work and preparation to not only shape the chunk of rock crystal into the desired shape, but also to place the relevant arcane wards onto it so that it was able to contain the raw power that would be placed within it and hold that power for time immemorial.


If it were ever to be discovered, the Orb of Orivious contains enough of the god’s power to cause all manner of wanton destruction should it simply be released. Make no mistake, the orb by no means contains enough power to cause a cataclysmic event, but the release of its power would be devastating for the area many hundreds of miles surrounding it and like as not, following its release the power would punch its way through the ephemeral barriers between the planes of existence to return to its master, who when reunited with it, would be able to return back to the Material Plane.   It has also been hypothesised that if a creature where able to secure the orb and enact a ritual similar to that performed on Orivious by Larella, they would be able to absorb the god’s power into their own bodies, giving them access to untold levels of power and making them semi-divine in their own right. This theory has driven many ambitious and evil creatures over the centuries to seek out the Orb of Orivious, but fortunately for all in Kelbonnar, Gallena's hiding place for the object has remained secret and safe.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Unique.   No other item like the Orb of Orivious has ever been known to have been made by mortal or divine.
c. 4.4lbs / 2kgs
c. 12" x 12" / 30cm x 30cm
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The physical fabric of the orb itself is made out of flawless rock crystal, that has a large cavity on the inside, with the exterior rock crystal walls of the orb being only about 1cm in thickness, which means that it has to be magically reinforced in order to ensure its structural stability.   Appearance   Those who looked upon the Orb of Orivious would see a crystal orb, purer than any crystal ball they may have seen, whose centre holds a broiling miasma of force, parts of which are pitch black, seeming to draw the very light from the air, parts of which are so bright and colourful as to be almost blinding to look upon.

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