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Dedicated to the preservation of life and the protection of the innocent, Gallena is a goddess who has drawn many followers into her flock on Kelbonnar’s Material Plane, drawn by the hope of living long and prosperous lives.

Divine Domains

Gallena is dedicated to the preservation of life, in all its forms and the protection of the helpless. Whilst her domains do not restrict her from engaging in conflict, or from encouraging her followers to carry out acts of violence, whether that be in offence or defence, they do bind her and therefore her followers to always try and show mercy to those that they come into conflict with. Warriors dedicated to Gallena, therefore will always try to subdue or incapacitate their foes rather than slaying them, and the goddess herself was thought to be one of the main voices arguing for the imprisonment of the malign deity Orivious, instead of attempting to kill him.   An extension of her domain to preserve life is her drive to protect the helpless, which most often focuses on orphans, widows, the destitute and refugees, but the goddess has also extended this aspect of herself in a variety of situations to help those who are in danger of death and have no means at their disposal to try and avoid their impending fate.


By far the largest and most widely practiced of the feasts held in honour of Gallena is that held on the first day of spring, when the victory of life over winter and, therefore symbolically death, is honoured and celebrated.   In addition, celebrations in honour of Gallena are frequently held on the birth of a child by her adherents, who wish to draw the favour of the goddess onto the new born, so that they live a long life under her caring, watchful eye.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

For Gallena, her divine goals and aspirations are centred around seeing life flourish, with all being given an equal chance to live and enjoy life to the fullest. This does not, however, mean that she is opposed to death, though Gallena will attempt to spare people from death whom she regards as dying before their time. Instead, she accepts death as a necessary part of life, so that older beings and creatures can make way for the new, thereby giving the young and newly born there own chance to live life to the fullest.  

Main centres of Worship and Followers

  Unsurprisingly, her areas of divine interest mean that Gallena finds followers across the Material Plane of Kelbonnar and it is even suggested that she has more followers, though in a more disorganised mass, than the Imperial Church of Canthartism, something that the Imperial Court of the Empire of Turelion are keen to not become widespread knowledge.   Beneath the surface of the Material Plane, Gallena has also found a strong body of followers, with worship of her being centred on the temple and monastery built in her honour in the town of Mulvar's Outpost.  


  There are a number of monastic centres across the Material Plane of Kelbonnar and these centres are where those who wish to dedicate themselves to Gallena go to train and to live with one another in communal harmony, where all work for the betterment of their fellows. Once fully trained, clerics of Gallena will travel between these monastic institutions, often taking winding, round about routes to their destinations, acting as travelling healers on their way.  

The Adelfotita 

  Despite never having taken a partner, husband or lover, Gallena is the biological mother of the sorority of goddesses collectively known as the Adelfotita: Breseis, Josmorra, Hospita & Empnefsi. How she was able to conceive the four sisters is still a mystery, even to the other Divines, but it is hypothesised that so strong was Gallena's desire to preserve life in the world that it actually drove her unconsciously to immaculately conceive life, though this is just a theory.     

Activities in the Divine War

  As a deity who is dedicated to the preservation of life, Gallena has unsurprisingly not taken a side in the Divine War. Instead, she moves to soothe the souls and ailments of those caught up in the conflict, regardless of which side they represent.    

Family Tree of the Divines

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification

Divine Sigils & Symbols

  Gallena is represented by a variety of symbols, with the most common being flowing water, a fountain, fish and doves. Representations of the goddess herself normally depict a kindly looking female humanoid rising out of a body of water, arms outstretched, hands cupped as if hold out a mouthful of water to the onlooker.  

Divine Links & Progeny

  She is the daughter of Prota and Menella.   She is the mother of Breseis, Josmorra, Hospita & Empnefsi.   She is the sister of Hella, Kalkari & Lormaniss..  

Mortal Creations

  Gallena is not known to be the creator of any of the mortal races, nor does she distinguish between the sanctity of the lives of one race over another. She acts to preserve life in all of its forms.

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