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The goddess of the hunt and the wild, Wresmella is a deity renowned for her independence and strong will. Often she can be found on the material plane running alongside packs of hunting wolves, or riding as a spiritual horsewoman alongside hunting parties, as she revels in the thrill of the chase and kill. She is also deeply connected with the untamed places of the world, and is a fierce defender of natural beauty and wilderness habitats.    She is regarded as being the only person who will stand up with any confidence to Astartes, the god of war and her husband and she is seemingly the only person who can tame his anger and fury.

Divine Domains

  • The Hunt and hunting
  • The wilds and wilderness

Common Worshipers

  Her divine domains mean that Wresmella is most regularly worshipped by those who maintain a deep connection to the wild places of the world. Nomads, tribal peoples and hermits are her most common dedicants.   Closer to civilisation, she is regularly worshipped by hunters, who hope that she will bless them with bountiful hunting trips.  


  Clerics of Wresmella are generally solitary folk, who will normally live alone in wild places, or near or sometimes even within a sacred space dedicated to Wresmella. Those who are called to serve Wresmella will be guided by the goddess or her Celestial servants to one of her existing clerics, who has no novice learning from them, so that they can learn the ways of service to the goddess of the hunt and the wild.   Occasionally clerics of Wresmella can be found in the service of royal, noble or aristocratic families, who engage in hunting for sport as a regular occurrence. Clerics who act in this way act as diviners of the goddesses will for the hunts, bestowing her blessing upon the hunting parties and acting as trackers and scouts.  


  Worshippers of Wresmella tend to shy away from constructing physical temples to her, but instead dedicate sacred groves, pools, meadows or watering holes to her. These spaces are left to their own devices, to grow as they will and emulate true wilderness, even if they are located in more manicured surroundings.   These places are used exactly like a purpose built temple space would be, with people entering them to leave offerings, to pray and to take part in ceremonies. Animals and plants are encouraged to use spaces dedicated to Wresmella to feed at, drink at or even live in, and worshippers of Wresmella will often leave offerings of food for the creatures that dwell in her sacred spaces, as well as for the goddess herself. All creatures found within a sacred space of Wresmella are considered to be the sacred property of the goddess for as long as they remain within its boundaries and killing them is highly taboo, sometimes even bringing down the wrath of the goddess herself.  

Activities in the Divine War

  Wresmella has remained loyal to the cause of her husband throughout the Divine War and she continues to fight for the cause of the Astartians.  

Family Tree of the Divines 

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification
Circumstances of Birth
As recounted in The Origin of the Divines.
Aligned Organization

Divine Sigils and Symbols

  Wresmella is represented by the symbol of either a single arrow, or a clutch of three arrows bound together. She is also represented by the animal forms of a stag and a hawk.  

Divine Links and Progeny

  Wresmella is the wife of Astartes   She is the sister of Prota, Menella, Polephemon, Persephonell, Kroni, Sagosa & Astartes   She is the mother of Jore, Hvanmara, Zasgrall and Raminit.   She is the Grandmother of Fokrella.   She is the great-grandmother of Athotan   She fights for the divine alliance The Astartians in the Divine War.  

Mortal Creations

  Wresmella is the creator of Centaurs, creatures who emulated and live out her desire to race through the landscape for the pure exhilaration and in the pursuit of prey. She has maintained a strong connection with her creations, with most Centaurs being firm adherents of the goddess.   Whilst she didn’t create them, Wresmella has had a strong influence on Elves, with a whole subsection of them, the Woodelves having long ago converted to her worship, attracted by the beauty of the wilds. Woodelves have existed for such a long time that they are now viewed as being a sub-species in their own right, who credit their existence to Wresmella and her ways.

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