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Goddess of travel and good fortune, almost all of those who are about to do something arduous, nerve-racking or undertake a long journey have given a prayer or offering to Breseis to keep them safe. There is nothing that Breseis loves more than to walk through open spaces and often she is thought to descend to the material plane to run across the plains and tundras with herds of wild horses.

Divine Domains

  • Good Fortune
  • Travel

Common Worshipers

  Breseis is another deity who generally attracts worshippers at specific points in their lives, rather than having a large group of constant adherents. The most common time people pray to or leave offerings to Breseis is when they are about to undertake a journey, or when they wish to invoke luck for a particular activity. Many people that one meets on the road can be seen to wear a talisman of Breseis, a lock of horse hair, a sprig of heather or a feather, hoping that this touchstone will keep them safe during their travels.   Having said that, nomadic peoples worship Breseis almost exclusively, as travel is so much a part of their way of life.  


  Despite there being no permanent centres for the worship of Breseis (see below), there are clergy dedicated to her. Mostly her clerics originate from, travel with and minister to nomadic communities and such communities generally have a long line of clerics of Breseis going back many generations, with the new generation of clerics learning the ways of honouring the goddess and serving her people through oral tradition from their elders.   All clerics of Breseis undergo their own personal period of solitary travel, in honour of their deity and the completion of this period of travel and their safe arrival back at the community from which their journey originated is seen as proof that the are worthy to be a cleric of the goddess of travel and luck.  


  There are no permanent temples known to have been constructed and dedicated to Breseis as permanent structures are not though to be compatible with the travel aspect of her divine domain. However, nomadic or traveller peoples, who are the most likely to more regularly venerate her, have taken to constructing portable shrines, built as wagons or cart that they take with them.   In addition, personal portable shrines to Breseis, which are generally the size of a small box, containing a token or image of the goddess within, are widely produced for people to take with them when they undergo long journeys.  

Activities in the Divine War

  Like the other members of the Adelfotita, Breseis has remained neutral in the Divine War.  

Family Tree of the Divines

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification

Divine Sigils and Symbols

  Breseis is most commonly represented by the form of a pegasus. She is also represented by the symbol of a feather, the animal forms of a horse, or an albatross, or by a sprig of heather.  

Divine Links and Progeny

  She is the daughter of Gallena.   She is the sister of Josmorra, Hospita¬†& Empnefsi.   Breseis is a member of the alliance of Divines¬†known as the Adelfotita.  

Mortal Creations

  Breseis is not the creator of any mortal races, nor is she believed to be the creator of any fauna, but she is the creator of horses and pegasi, animals which are still considered to be sacred to her.

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