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Linked with summer, the sun and fair weather, Gormallis is a Divine who receives worship from a wide range of peoples from farmers praying for kind summers to ripen and bolster their harvests to sailors wishing for good weather during their voyages.   Often his visits to the Material Plane are marked by a streak of fire across the skies, as he rides his flaming horse through the heavens, bringing light to the dark places of the world.

Divine Domains

  • Summer
  • The Sun
  • Weather, good or fair weather specifically.

Common Worshipers

  Gormallis’ divine domains mean that there are many across Kelbonnar who find affinity with him and almost any one involved in agriculture or maritime pursuits will have given offerings to him at one time or another as they pray for kind summers or gentle seas. However, Gormallis tends to receive the majority of his worship during his dedicated season, summer and there are few who worship him all year round.   However, Gormallis has a particularly strong following in communities that border the Desolation of Hissh, who find themselves being encroached on by its eternal twilight. A particularly large bed of his worshippers can be found in the Burg of Volhof, where almost everyone in the town worships him, hoping his light will stave off the darkness of the Desolation just over the Black Water river from them.  


    Whilst Gormallis does not have the largest body of priests from amongst the Divines, there are a fair number of them spread across Kelbonnar’s Material Plane, most of whom reside in and tend to one of his temples. During the summer months, Gormallis’ clergy in more remote locations become itinerant, wandering the lands for hundreds of miles, revelling in the joy of summer and spreading his blessings far and wide. Those based in more urban locations will not leave their temples permanently during the summer, but will instead roam their locales throughout the daylight hours carrying out good works in Gormallis’ name.  


    Numerous temples to Gormallis are spread throughout Kelbonnar’s Material Plane and many of them are set upon mountain tops, so that they are as close to the sun, and therefore symbolically Gormallis as possible. Temples not set on promontories, summits or natural lookout points will instead have large steeples that reach up to the heavens instead.  

Activities in the Divine War

    As the grand son of Polephemon, Gormallis has chosen to fight for his mothers kin and has been a loyal soldier in the Divine War fighting for the Polephemites. His affinity with heat and fire means that he has spearheaded the Polephemites’ campaign into the Elemental Plane of Fire, and he is regarded by their main rivals the Astartians as being one of Polephemon's most dangerous lieutenants.  

Family Tree of the Divines

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification
Aligned Organization

Divine Sigils and Symbols

  Gormallis is represented by the symbol of the blazing sun and a sundial. He is also represented by the bird form of a phoenix.  

Divine Links and Progeny

  He is the son of Ipsidies and Samenta.   He is the brother of Meletiah.   He fights for the divine alliance The Polephemites in the Divine War.  

Mortal Creations

  Gormallis is not responsible for the direct creation of any creatures, but creatures who share his affinity with fire often view him with respect and many even offer him worship.

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