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Linked with crafting, forge-work and industry of all kinds, Hvanmara is a Divine whose praises are rung out on the face of anvils, shaped in wood, metal and stone and seen in the glint of light reflected off perfectly set gems and polished metals.

Divine Domains

  • Forging
  • Crafting
  • Industry

Common Worshipers

  The nature of her divine domains means that Hvanmara is most regularly worshipped by craftspeople. This is not restricted to certain types of crafts, but all crafts, from smiths to coopers and jewellers to shipwrights and everything in between.  


  As there are many temples to Hvanmara across Kelbonnar, there are many priests to run them. Priests of Hvanmara are masters of their craft and they will spend many hours of their days crafting objects of intricacy and beauty to decorate their temples with.   The larger temples of Hvanmara have facilities for training acolytes in the mysteries of their patron, but a prerequisite for beginning this training is skill in a particular craft good enough to please Hvanmara, rather than a particular sense of devoutness.  


  Places of worship dedicated to Hvanmara can be found all across Kelbonnar. These range from the small shrines and altars that are to be found in many forges and workshops to grand places of worship that are monumental in scale and ornament. As temples of Hvanmara are decorated by their clergy, as dictated by their individual skills of craftsmanship, almost all of the Divine’s temples feel very different to the next. For instance, temples whose clergy are skilled in the blowing of glass will be decorated with a myriad of delicate glass or crystal ornaments, whilst those whose clerics have a specialism in engineering may have elaborate fountains or be built in seemingly impossible ways.   The largest temples to Hvanmara are to be found in cities and towns that were originally, or which still are single species settlements populated by Dwarves. Such temples are marvels of engineering, with towering statues carved out of rock faces, lavish ornamentation and occasionally even embellished with rivers of lava to represent Hvanmara’s divine forge.  

Activities in the Divine War

  When the Divine War broke out, Hvanmara served dutifully for the side of her father Astartes and for many years she led the innovation and production of enchanted weapons and armour which the Astartians hoped would swing the war effort in their favour.   However, as the centuries wore on with no end in sight to the conflict, Hvanmara, weary at the constant toil for another end in her workshops on the Celestial Plane convinced her brother Jore to enter talks with Malfrost and Samenta, the children of their enemy Polephemon.   Together the four brokered an alliance and since then they have fought against their divine parents for their own side, hoping to take power over their own destinies that would other wise, so they believe, be denied to them.  

Family Tree of the Divines

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification
Aligned Organization

Divine Sigils and Symbols

  Hvanmara is represented by the symbols of the hammer and anvil. She is also represented by the animal form of a bee. 

Divine Links and Progeny

  She is the daughter of Astartes and Wresmella.   She is the sister of Jore, Raminit and Zasgrall.   She is a member of the divine alliance The Siblings.

Mortal Creations

  Hvanmara is the creator of Dwarves, a mortal race that she shaped and crafted into what, in her eyes, were the ideal beings for forge and craft work, alongside the associated tasks (mining etc.) that fuelled these pursuits. For many Dwarves, Hvanmara remains their most important deity, but she no longer has the monopoly of their worship as she once did. This decline was not due to any cataclysmic event or faith shattering moment, but more due to the fact that, as all the Mortal races are wont to do, they exercised their free will to live as they pleased, which led many away from the myriad pursuits of forging and crafting.   However, Hvanmara has no quarrel with Dwarves that have turned away from their worship of her, or who no longer worship her exclusively. The Divine has openly recognised that she was blinded by a particular vision when creating Dwarves and that many members of the other mortal races are equally capable of being master artisans. As a result, Hvanmara delights, marvels at and blesses all who are skilled artisans dedicated to their crafts.   Though Hvanmara created Dwarves, this is not extended to her being regarded as the ultimate creator of Duergar.


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