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God of law and justice, Kalkari is one of the direct descendants of Prota and he is invoked as the guardian of law and order across the material plane, commanding respect in the vast majority of humanoid settlements.

Divine Domains

  • Law
  • Justice

Common Worshipers

  His divine domains mean that on the whole, Kalkari has a relatively small group of dedicated adherents. Instead, Kalkari tends to be a deity that people invoke, or call upon in specific circumstances. For example, someone may pray to Kalkari when they are seeking justice for a wrong that has befallen them, or so that they are proven to be innocent of a crime. Often people will invoke the name of Kalkari as an oath (whether right or not) to swear that they are telling the truth.  


  Clerics of Kalkari are fairly common, primarily because most towns, cities and even some smaller communities have temples to Kalkari within them. Within communities, Kalkari’s clergy act as judges within the courts that are established within temples dedicated to Kalkari, and they are generally regarded as neutral arbiters of justice, an image that they are keen to reinforce and protect. Clergy of Kalkari are encouraged to become experts in the laws and customs of the places that they settle, so that they can better live up to their reputation as disciples of the god of law and justice and the protectors of his domain on the material plane.   In addition, many priests of Kalkari also take it upon themselves to become an itinerant police force of sorts, travelling the wilderness seeking out those who have been convicted of wrongdoing and who have evaded justice and bringing law to lawless places, to small or remote to have a temple of Kalkari and a court themselves.  


  Temples to Kalkari are common amongst the towns and cities of the world, primarily because they almost always have courthouses and even gaols integrated within them. As well as being sites of worship, they are also places where justice is dispensed and people are punished, all under the watchful eye of the god of law and justice himself.   Because of the vast amount of legal documents and knowledge that clerics of Kalkari are expected to learn, each temple also has the capacity to house and train a number of acolytes, as well as provide lodgings for the existing clerics.  

Activities in the Divine War

  In the Divine War, Kalkari has chosen to remain neutral, instead concentrating his efforts on trying to ascertain who murdered his father, and the father of the gods, Prota. However, so far his efforts, like those of the other deities to win or stop the Divine War, have been in vain.  

Family Tree of the Divines

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification

Divine Sigils and Symbols

    Kalkari is represented by the symbol of the fasces, an axe bound with rods. He is also represented by the animal forms of the elephant and the ibis.  

Divine Links and Progeny

    He is the son of Prota and Menella .   He is the brother of Gallena, Hella & Lormaniss.  

Mortal Creations

  Whilst Kalkari is not responsible for the creation of any living mortal races, he is credited with being the inventor of the method to create golems and he is thought to have devised many other ways of creating construct creatures. Kalkari’s interest in constructs is very much linked to his divine domain, as he views them as being creations that can be programmed to enact specific instructions without deviation and to make decisions based on a predefined criteria of what is legal and just, something which cannot be said for most humanoids.

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