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(a.k.a. The Whispered One)

Perhaps the most malign of all the deities, Hissh is the god of murder. Created in a divine accident along with his brother Venstariss, Hissh is the personification of pure bloodletting evil and revenge. He is seldom worshipped on the Material Plane, save by a group of fanatical assassins, known as the Acolytes of Hissh and by the Vampires of Ymeris.

Divine Domains

  • Murder
  • Revenge

Common Worshipers

  Hissh’s most common worshippers are the members of the Acolytes of Hissh, see below. They are by far his most fanatical and devoted followers, but there are a few others who are not members of their cult who venerate Hissh, criminals and cutthroats on the whole, but occasionally innocuous individuals who are good at hiding secrets are revealed to be dedicants of the god of murder.   Though most publically acceptable adherents of Hissh are the Vampires of Ymeris, who view worship activities related to the god as an extension of their own blood letting for sustenance. 


  Whilst there are those who regard themselves as being clerics of Hissh, and who are rightly blessed by the god, they do not conduct their office in the same manner as the clerics of the other gods and goddesses. The Acolytes of Hissh are a vile organisation dedicated to the perfection of murder, in honour of their patron. However, despite their malign intents, they are not an underground or unknown organisation, though they are certainly secretive. Far from it, they sell their services to the highest bidder and are renowned for being the most skilled assassins in the whole of the Material Plane. Few whose names are added to the lists of the Acolytes of Hissh survive more than a few days. 


  There are temples dedicated to Hissh, though the vast majority are in hidden locations that are used exclusively by the Acolytes of Hissh as their bases of operation and none but Hissh’s own clerics are permitted to enter them or even know their location except in highly extenuating circumstances.   However, shrines to Hissh appear all across the Material Plane at regular intervals, though they are not formal places of worship. When the Acolytes of Hissh enact a killing, if time allows, they decorate the site of the murder with the blood, entrails and dismembered body of their victim, a homage to the god of murder, a warning to all who might cross their paths and a grim display of their contract having been fulfilled, to whomever hired them for the assassination in question.   The only temple dedicated to Hissh which exists in the open, and which is theoretically publically accessible to those who wish to travel there is the Grand Temple of Hissh, located in the Desolation of Hissh, which acts as the main focal point for the gods worship by the Vampires of Ymeris.This temple is thought to be the largest structure dedicated to the god in existence.

Activities in the Divine War

  As Hissh saw no advantage for him in joining any of the main sides in the Divine War, he has officially remained neutral, though in reality he uses the war as a cover to indulge in his own wanton bloodletting. 

Family Tree of the Divines 

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification

Divine Sigils and Symbols

  Hissh is represented by the symbol of the bloody dagger. He is also represented by the animal forms of the vulture and the hyena.  

Divine Links and Progeny

  He is the son of Lormaniss and the brother of Venstariss, though he and his brother have no mother. They are instead the result of a powerful duplication spell that Lormaniss cast, in order to pull of a rather spectacular trick, which went rather badly wrong, producing two younger, identical versions of Lormaniss who are completely independent of him, and who embody the much darker sides of his personality, rather than a pair of clones under his control, as was the god’s intent.   Hissh is the father of Athotan.  

Mortal Creations

  Hissh is not responsible for the creation of any mortal creatures, instead revelling in their untimely deaths. He has however chosen to become the patron deity of all Vampires, whose natural bloodletting activities he condones, encourages and supports.

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