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Goddess of knowledge and secrets, Sagosa is regarded as being the most intelligent of all of the deities and many admire and fear the sheer amount of knowledge that she is rumoured to possess, much of which would be highly dangerous should it fall into the wrong hands.

Divine Domains

  • Knowledge
  • Secrets

Common Worshipers

  Most of the worshippers that Sagosa attracts are those who either work closely with knowledge and information, such as scribes, librarians, historians, but she is also worshipped by those who value knowledge and a knowledge of the past, diplomats and intellectual nobility amongst them. As one of her domains of influence is secrets, she is also often worshipped by those engaged in less than honest employment, such as spies and agents, who search out secrets for their employers.   For the High Elves, Sagosa is their main deity, and all worship her as the founder of their species, though few worship her exclusively.  


    Of all of the clerics that serve one of the world’s deities, it is the clerics of Sagosa that are by far the most highly educated. Each must serve an apprenticeship of ten years at a temple dedicated to Sagosa, where they learn languages, writing, record keeping, history and archiving, alongside the theological and arcane knowledge necessary for them to carry out their priestly duties.   Most priests and priestesses of Sagosa either remain working in the temples they trained in, or are sent to act as advisors to the courts of nobles and royalty, but some become itinerant, seeking out knowledge to be added to the great troves held by the church collective of Sagosa.  


    Whilst there are many sacred spaces dedicated to Sagosa, it is rare to find just a religious space dedicated to the goddess on its own. Almost all of Sagosa’s temples are in fact temple-libraries, with hundreds of books, scrolls and volumes of knowledge housed within them. Often the temple itself is a separate building housed within the cavernous scholarly spaces, all of which are cared for by Sagosa’s clerics.   Temples to Sagosa are frequently visited by many who do not worship the goddess, as theology aside they are renowned as great places of learning and scholarship.  

Activities in the Divine War

  Of all of the Divines, Sagosa has been courted the most by the belligerents of the Divine War, hoping to draw her onto their side where she could no doubt use her prodigious intellect or knowledge of secrets to create something that would end the war in their favour. However, she, like her husband Kroni has remained stoically neutral, lest her involvement truly destabilise the world, and perhaps the very fabric of existence itself.  

Family Tree of the Divines

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification
Circumstances of Birth
As recounted in The Origin of the Divines.

Divine Sigils and Symbols

  Sagosa is represented by the symbol of an open book. She is also represented by the animal forms of the owl and the cat.  

Divine Links and Progeny

  Wife of Kroni.   She is the sister of Prota, Menella, Astartes, Wresmella, Polephemon, Persephonell & Kroni.   She is the mother of Az, Ipsidies, Melchis, Thanata, Inthanata.   She is the grandmother of Fokrella.  

Mortal Creations

  Sagosa is the creator of the longest living of the mortal races, Elves. Elves were crafted by Sagosa in an attempt to make the perfect mortal creature, wise, intelligent, strong and aged, an equivalent of the Celestials to act as caretakers of the material plane.   However, Sagosa’s dream has never fully come to fruition, with Elves being just as susceptible to the vices and flaws of the world, as all the mortal races are. Over the many millennia of their existence, Sagosa has lost influence and favour with many Elves. The species has splintered into several sub-species, including Woodelves, who were brought under the influence of Wresmella and Drow, who were brought under the influence of Fokrella. Only the High Elves remain truly loyal to Sagosa’s teachings, but they too fall short of the goddess’ original ambitions.

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