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Prota was regarded as the ruler of the deities and the most senior of the Divines that were created by Orivious, thanks to his wisdom, fairness and levelheadedness.   His divine domains focus around rule, kingship and leadership in all of its guises, though with a heavy bias towards benevolent rule rather than authoritarianism. He is also regarded as a deity to turn to for guidance when one had a difficult decision to make, for at the end of the day, Prota always chose what seemed most prudent, rather than most pleasing.

Divine Domains

  • Rule
  • Kingship
  • Leadership

Common Worshipers

  Those who most commonly worship Prota are monarchs, leaders and rulers of all kinds. Some worship him to try and gain more power for themselves and their positions, whilst some worship him more from the aspect of ruling wisely and justly, hoping that they too can emulate his fair, but firm rule.  


  Of all the deities, Prota has by far the fewest number of priests. This is predominantly because the base of worshippers who tend to venerate him is so small that there was no need for a large, organised priesthood. In days gone by, most imperial, royal or aristocratic would have a priest of Prota, almost all of whom were handpicked by the god to serve them, rather than going through any formal training.  


  Almost all temples to Prota were built within palaces, town halls or other opulent buildings that were, or which represented seats of power. Again, as the pool of worshippers who are attracted to Prota is relatively small compared to other deities’, temples outside of the aforementioned locales are few and far between, though there are several grand temples scattered across the material plane, built in dramatic locations, as befitting the ruler of the gods.  


  Prota is one of the few gods to have ‘died’, though what this means in reality is that he has been reduced to a catatonic state of sleep from which it is not known if he will ever wake. His body currently lies in state in the centre of the palace he called home in the Celestial Plane.   The Slaying of Prota is what sparked the Divine War which continues to rage amongst the other Divines.  

Family Tree of the Divines

Family Tree of the Divines
Divine Classification
Date of Death
1 Year before the Divine War Began
Circumstances of Birth
As recounted in The Origin of the Divines
Circumstances of Death
Murdered, as recounted in the The Slaying of Prota

Divine Sigils and Symbols

  Prota is most commonly represented by the symbol of a crown, though he is also represented in animal form by lions and eagles.  

Divine Links and Progeny

  Prota was the husband of Menella.   He was the brother of Astartes, Wresmella, Polephemon, Persephonell, Kroni, Sagosa & Menella.   He was the father of Gallena, Hella, Kalkari and Lormaniss.   He was the grandfather of Venstariss and Hissh.   He was the great-grandfather of Athotan.  

Mortal Creations

  Prota is the original creator of Celestials, though all Celestials do not stem from his first creations as he taught the ability to create them to the other deities.

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