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The S.Q.R.E Artificial Intelligence System

The Study, Question, Resolve, Exhibit Aritifical Intelligence System. The finest production of the Paladia Advancement Initiative (henceforth referred to as PalAdIn).   It's original function depends on who you ask. S.Q.R.E. is a modification of an old AI, created by an unknown race. Despite being able to fit aboard a starship, it had immense processing power and conversational capabilities. While the root of the device could not be modified, plugging the room-sized box into a much larger supercomputer and using it as more of a foundation than a stand-alone device has allowed Paladia to advance rapidly beyond the rest of the system, even after The Scream.   The original intention was to invent an AI that could steer the planet away from Economic ruin and Armed conflict. Now? It managed the planet itself. Every inch of the world, from politics to weapons to conversations is run through the AI.   The processing power of the central core is enough that it can hold a conversation with up to 30% of the world's inhabitants at one time, all while handling the day to day of an entire world... and beyond. Interestingly, it has been found that conversing uses a very small volume of the core's capacity; but conversely, weapons and other such military decisions seem to slow the system. It has been reported that on one occasion, as a result of a consideration onto the creation of anti-planetary weaponry conversation rates dropped to as low as 10%, causing public panic for the duration.   It's ever-expanding perview has lead to it's data centers and other such devices extending through up to 20% of the planet - though they are burried deep and thin, and often seperated by long lengths of wire. The exact location of the core is not known to the public, but the rough layout of the web is availible to the public.


The existance of this device is now essential to the day-to-day operations of Paladia, as the vast majority of non-oversight positions have now been dissolved. Without it, there would likely be an extremely stressful transition period.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Current Holder
Owning Organization
Several Thousand Miles

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