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Potential Invasion of Fumaya

Swynfaredia has been moving additional troops to the border with Fumaya and their soldiers have been engaged in various saber rattling activity.   It's unclear whether this is a prelude to a true invasion or if this is just a symbolic border skirmish.   The leaders of Fumaya's southern land are generally fearful, given that Swynfaredia is much bigger than they are though there a tiny number of hawks led by House Deorac are looking forward to a fight with the Swinherdians.   While there are more than a few Swynfaredian dragon bloods that covet Fumaya's land and resources, the whole action is on some level theater.   Internal tensions among the Swynfaredian noble houses are high and the queen survived an assassination attempt by an unknown player.  She is hoping that by focusing the nobles' collective attention on an external foe that this will relieve internal pressure.

The Conflict

The Engagement

For the most part this conflict involve soldiers massing at the border at posturing aggressively, but Swynfaredia has quietly sent a number of spies into Fumaya.   These spies are as much to figure out what the other Swynfaredians are doing as it is to probe Fumaya for weakness.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Start Date

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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