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Meckelorner dwarves

Cregor Redshaft by Eron12 with Hero Forge
Borsas Dragonbane by Eron12 with Hero Forge
  Meckelorners are considered the dwarves' dwarves. They hail from Meckelorn.   Meckelorners loathe orcs with a passion and would like to see them wiped out.   Meckelorners favor warhammers and battle axes as their go-to martial weapons.   While there are exceptions, most Meckelorners prefer to minimize their time above ground.   Meckelorners are prodigious drinkers. Their favorite beverages are ale and whiskey.   Mecklorners will trade with humans but they do so somewhat reluctantly. Humans view Meckelorners as abrasive and rude in general. A few hardliners have not forgotten that small numbers of humans aided the orcs that attacked their homeland and would prefer not to deal with humans at all.  
Elbus Bristlebranch by Eron12 with Heroforge
Krogresli by Eron12 with Hero Forge
  Meckelorners do not generally have warm relations with the wood elves, but both sides believe that good fences make good neighbors, so they rarely fight. Wood Elves are welcome to visit on Rumspringas though most wood elves find underground realms uninviting and rarely stay long. Meckelorners very seldom meet elves who are not wood elves, so they will treat most elves they meet as they would a wood elf.   Most Meckelorners dislike the sea and only board a ship under extreme circumstances.

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