Redshaft Clan

The Red Shaft Clan is one of the most prestigious clans in Meckelorn with a long history of renown warriors and many victories. Unfortunately, a few years ago the clan suffered an ignominious defeat.  
Their clan elder and his entourage were ambushed by orcs while traveling to a meeting and several of the ancient heirlooms carried by the elder and his attendants were stolen. Both the deaths and the thefts have caused a huge loss of honor that the clan is eager to rectify. Their new no-nonsense leader Vamorus Redshaft has sworn to do just that.   Recently the ranger, Creigor Redshaft discovered a solid lead on the orcs that wronged them while on an unrelated quest. Creigor is now leading the effort to find the Three Boned Hand Clan of orcs
Cregor Redshaft by Eron12 with Hero Forge
  While they are less jolly of late given their recent loss of face, the clan is generally known to be gregarious by dwarf standards and are said to throw great parties. Their ethos is to fond of work hard, fighting hard, and celebrate hard.   The clan is formally allied to the Abehreh kalazoz clan and the kalazotz have help soften their rough edges and help shape their fun loving values. In fact the Red Shafts often speak of relaxing or celebrating as "going bats."   The Redshaft Clan sigil is a broken red battle axe on a gold field. The broken red axe of course represents their famous ancestor killing a orc warlord with a the shaft of a broken axe and the gold is because a lot of the clan had blond, at least when the sigil was designed.

Public Agenda

To restore their family honor by recovering their lost heirlooms and spilling much orc blood.


Descended from a humble family of cobblers known appropriately as the Shoemaker Clan.  During the Great Meckelorn War they had to focus more on survival than making shoes.  They gained their new namesake when one of their leaders was fighting a challenge with an orc chieftain who sundered his axe.  Seemingly disarmed, when the orc started gloating, the dwarf stabbed in the eye with the broken shaft of his sundered axe.   Thus the clan rechristened itself the Red Shaft Clan.  Since that famous event, the Red Shaft Clan regularly produces some of Meckelorn's most celebrated warriors.   Since then, the clan has seen many famous war heroes among them and have had a martial focus since then. Their prestige is great and they even occasionally intermarried with the royal family.


Religiously, The Red Shaft Clan follows a biased nonagon giving Hallisan lots of worship and praise and the other eight deities roughly equally rote worship. Hallisan is viewed as the guardian of their ancestors souls and their filial piety is mostly folded into their Hallisan worship.

Red Shaft Clan On The Others

  hear the wisdom of Elder Vamorus Red Shaft     Greystone Clan: I proudly follow the orders of our good king without question, but if the king’s relatives want me to do something, I will ask a few questions.   Red Scales Clan: Their warriors are mediocre at best, but they understand piety, community and the value of hard work. Fine allies in peace time, but are we ever truly at peace?   Dragonbane Clan: I am proud of my noble ancestors, but great deeds now are more important than having great deeds in the past. The Dragon Bane Clan are doing things in the here and now, which I respect. Would that more lesser clans follow their example, the whole nation would be better off and perhaps a great many more orcs would be dead.   Heart's Fire Clan : They are fun at parties, but their tendency to emulate the Stahlheimers mercantile ways might cause them problems...or cause us problems.   Order of the Stone: I rest easier knowing that the noble Guardians protect the Great Stone and our pilgrimage routes. Never speak ill of them in front of me.   Priesthood of Mera: The kalazotz respect Mera and this is good enough of an endorsement to me.   The Sóleið: We spend most of our time underground and sup with bats, so the Lady of Light matters little to us.   Priesthood of Phidas: Commerce has its place, but you would be wise to keep the Masks at arm’s length.   Rangers: They talk about being our first line of defense but they are sorely lacking at spotting our enemies until they are already attacking. Perhaps the kalazotz should be our watchers on the surface instead?   Maiden Guard: I will always support the Maiden Guard fully. Our men are strong because our mothers are strong. Many Red Shaft men marry officers of the Maiden Guard, including my grandmother. Many of our daughters become officers there too, including my niece.  I am proud of them all.   Armorers Guild of Meckelorn: Fair wages for fair work. As long as the Armorers continues to provide the best arms in Scarterra we will meet their prices.   Kalazotz: They are strange folk but they hard working and loyal. Allying with the bat folk is the smartest thing Meckelorn has ever done. I doubt we would have survived this long without them.   Dwarf Kingdom of Stahlheim: Ones true wealth is one’s family and true friends. I am not opposed to possessing other kinds of wealth in addition to family, but Stahlheim has traded in all their true friends for “mutual business interests” and this will serve them badly in the long run.   Mondert: Their customs are strange, but they demonstrate honor and strength, so they have my respect.   Kantoca: The horsemen hold mighty Hallisan in high regard. This is enough to make us friends.   The Borderlanders: They lack discipline, but I admire their spirit.   Fumayans: These Booters also suffer the depredations of orcs. Perhaps we can ally with them against our common foe.   Swynfaredians: They set up puppet regimes in the Borderlands and routinely violate the sovereignty of Fumaya. We must dissuade them from their mad ambitions if we can.   Codenya: In the past, we have had little to do with these elves, but they seem to hate orcs, so perhaps we should reach out to them.   Uskalans: They have allied with the camazotz, sworn enemies of our sworn friends. Eventually this will force us into conflict with them.   Orcs: It is long overdue we take the fight to them, before a successor to Mordock arises.   goblins: They are our enemies, the least important of our enemies, but our enemies none the less.   Kobolds: I do not know what these dragon gnomes actually want, nor do I care. We have more than enough enemies to deal with right now, so I would just as soon avoid the kobolds.
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