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Red Scales dwarf clan

The dwarves of the Red Scales clan are spiritually focused insular traditionalists that influence and are influenced by the kalazotz more than any other clan.   They claim to have been friends with the kalazotz before Mordock the Destroyer and that their early in roads with the kalazotz paved the way for Meckelorn's good relations with them to this day.   The clan has a reputation for ruthless pragmatism which wins them respect and derision in equal measures. During the long war to reclaim their homeland the Red Scales Clan won a lot of victories through low warfare. They were and are great herbalists (helped by trading knowledge with the kalazotz) helping them brew medicines and poisons alike with equal acumen.   At the time, no one batted an eye at their tactics, but centuries after the fact through the lens of history, some view their actions as dishonorable or cowardly. Not too coincidentally, the dwarves that give the Red Scales Clan the most grief for their past use of poisons also happen to be dwarves who generally dislike and/or distrust the kalazotz and they make unflattering comparisons between the Red Scales clans and sneaky bats.   The other aspect of the Red Scales clan that may give other dwarves pause is their notions of family.  Their notions of family is loose and includes more than just blood relatives.  Many consider kalazotz in their family as well as some gnomes, but when push comes to shove, they will always put the needs of their extended family over Meckelorn as a whole.  They rarely have to leave their countrymen in a lurch to save their own, so this is not widely known, but some other clans suspect it.


While they are too intense for some other dwarves, in a way they are the spiritual heart of Meckelorn. They are very devoted worshipers of Hallisan and they put Mera on equal footing with Hallisan.  They give the rest of the Nine their due but only do so for Greymoria and Maylar grudgingly.  They are very devoted to filial piety boasting ornate shrines to family ancestors that most Red Scales dwarves visit frequently.     They claim to have at least one half-dragon and at least one half-spirit in their ancient lineage.  The Red Scales boasts a disproportionately high share of spirit loas and favored souls among their bloodline.

Red Scales on the Others

  Greystone Clan: One’s king is one’s king and the king’s family usually take the burden of their bloodline seriously…usually.   Red Shaft Clan: Loyal and brave and they understand how important it is to keep the bat folk close.   Dragonbane Clan : They are only out for themselves, they do not even honor their ancestors and allies. Once they run out of pilfered gold, the tanners will drift back into obscurity where they belong.   Heart's Fire Clan : Despite their clan name, this clan is made up of pragmatists with cold stony hearts. They treat their allies like employees rather than brothers.   Order of the Stone: It is both just and practical that the Guardians hold vigil over the sacred place of our birth. The Guardians have our full support in this and all other things, they are our sword and shield.   Priesthood of Mera: Without a hearth to protect, our warriors would have no reason to fight. The Tenders are our heart and hearth and thus are worth protecting fiercely.   The Sóleið: Khemra’s Zenith celebration is four months away, why worry about it now?   Priesthood of Phidas: Did I miss Phidas’ Apex celebration this year? Perhaps I’ll throw the Masks a few extra coppers to make up for it. Perhaps not. Rangers: They choose to roam without the comforts of family and hearth. I am unsure whether this is a noble sacrifice or a fool’s choice. Perhaps both.   Maiden Guard: They perform an honorable and necessary role for society but it might be better if we armed the Tenders or kalazotz instead of or in addition to arming our wives and daughters.   Armorers Guild of Meckelorn: Superior warriors with adequate weapons will always defeat adequate warriors with superior weapons. We choose to make our onw weapons rather than accepting their selfish terms.   Kalazotz : Our peoples complement each other well and both grow stronger from it.   Stahlheim : Oh right, I think they showed up at the end of our last war just in time to claim a seat at the victory banquet.   Kantoca: They are honorable enough but they avoid mountains like the plague, so their actions really don’t concern us.   Borderlanders : I’m hopeful that our efforts to influence the Borderlands will bear fruit, but I am not optimistic.   Fumayans: I bear no ill will towards the Booters, but we have nothing to gain by trying to aid them. The people of the land will still trade with us even if a different lord’s banner flies above their castles.   Swynfaredians: They like us have the blood of dragons among them, but they do not see us as kin, nor we them. They disparage us not being sorcerers and we disparage them not being trustworthy.   Codenya : They have allied with many mortal races yet retain their elven character. They even allied with a tribe of forest dwelling kalazotz. This speaks well of them.   Uskalans : The vampire king is far away, but we have not forgotten the massacre of the Grey Forest kalazotz and we will make him pay, no matter how long we have to wait for our chance.   Orcs : They are still our enemies, but I’ve noticed they seem to be attacking humans more and attacking dwarves less. I prefer not to interrupt them from their new strategy.   Goblins : I do not know which of the Nine created goblins. I do not know if they were created to be evil warriors or if they were originally created for some more benign purpose. I do know which ever god or goddess created the goblins must be ashamed of this great failure.   Kobolds : We should try to reach out to them. They cannot like goblins or orcs any more than we do.
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