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Heart's Fire dwarf clan

The Heart's Fire clan are the most well-known non-conformist dwarf clan.  They are patriotic citizens of Land of Meckelorn but rather than settle into a niche for eternity, the clan reinvents themselves every one to three generations.  This persistent change rubs some other dwarves the wrong way but whatever the clan chooses to focus is usually beneficial to Meckelorn, so they remain politically influential.   Right now, they are Beer Barons.   The Heart’s Fire Clan has their name sake from a famous artificer who forged magic weapons in a volcano in ancient times earning them their namesake though at this point the story is so old that it cannot be verified.  For awhile they were the most renown crafters in all of Meckelorn.  They reinvented themselves multiple time since then.   During the Great Meckelorn, they were known as the wisest herbalists and most gifted healers which of course is useful in wartime.  After the war, they reinvented themselves as merchants and traders, something common in Stahlheim but rare in Land of Meckelorn.   They act as middlemen exporting Meckelorn metal worked goods to Fumaya, Kantoc and to a lesser extant Kingdom of Swynfaredia, Codenya  and assorted Borderlander humans and importing foodstuffs, wine, and ale.   A few of their clan members are trained as stone masons and they will commonly spend a few decades selling their services to oversee the construction of human castles or the operation of human stone quarries and returning home with fat coin purses.  Many predict that when the Heart's Fire clan reinvents their identity next they will be a family of stone workers.

Demography and Population

While not officially inducting non-dwarves as honorary clan members (at least not many), the clan employs more human, gnome and tengku employees and retainers than any other clan.   While they are not hostile to kalazotz , their relations with the bat folk are less warm than most other dwarf clans.   Detractors say their collaborations with foreigners are eroding their traditional values.


The clan as a whole currently worships Hallisan, Khemra, and Phidas as a triumvirate.  A practice common in Stahlheim but uncommon in Meckelorn.   Their religious practices change over the generation along with their vocational practices but one thing that remains consistent is filial piety.  The one thing the clan is constant as the compass needle on is in ancestor worship and respecting their elders.

Foreign Relations

Less isolationist than most Meckelorner dwarves, the clan is willing to deal with alost anyone but they have long memories for anyone who tries to cheat them.   They also have warmer relations with Stahlheimer dwarves than most of the other Meckelorn clans do.

Heart’s Fire on the Others

  Greystone Clan: A grumpy bunch, but they are easy enough to soften up with a few barrels of ale.   Red Shaft Clan: I wish them well on their campaign of retribution. They throw the best victory parties.   Red Scales Clan: A little too cozy with the bats for my taste, but they are decent people.   Dragonbane Clan : The torch that burns twice as bright burns half as long.   Order of the Stone: The Guardians sometimes overreach, but they take on weighty responsibilities, so I will not speak ill of them.   Priesthood of Mera: Well meaning, but inconsequential.   The Sóleið: They have more to offer dwarf-kind than the others give them credit for. They have much wisdom and keep us in check from our worst impulses.   Priesthood of Phidas: They are useful in small doses.   dwarf rangers: I certainly don’t want their job, and their job is necessary, so I’m not going to bother them.   Maiden Guard: They were vital in our past, but their usefulness is over. We should take their best warriors and fold them into the regular army, then disband the rest. A separate men’s and women’s army is wasteful.   Armorers Guild of Meckelorn: Everyone deserves to get paid for their hard work. I’m not going to begrudge them for aggressively negotiating their payment.   Kalazotz : Useful allies, but I’m not inviting them to my next feast unless they are willing to serve me drinks.   Stahlheim : They might lack courage on the battlefield, but their decision to expand trade relations with non-dwarven people was a wise one. It’s about time Meckelorn accepts this and follows suit.   Mondert : They have adapted to an unusual environment showing how we dwarves can thrive anywhere and anything if they are willing to adapt.   Kantoca: We think Meckelorn should trade with Kantoc more, but most of our lands and holdings are to the east, not the west, so all we can do is give the western clans unsolicited advice which they will certainly ignore.   Borderlanders: Every young dwarf should visit the length and breadth of the Borderlands at least once for his education to learn about non-dwarves. It’s like all of Scarterra is condensed into one small stretch of land.   Fumayans: The Booters are hard workers and know how to enjoy the simple things. We must make sure they remain strong and do not fall.   Swynfaredians: If we don’t curtail their expansion now, our children and grandchildren will end up fighting the dragon bloods on Meckelorn soil.   Codenya : We actually engage in some limited trade with the wood elves. They do not allow us to see much, but what we have seen has been impressive. We should strengthen our ties with them if possible.   Uskalans: Whatever King Drosst is planning right now, we probably won’t like it.   Orcs : Each generation has its own struggles and difficulties. The orcs were our grandparents’ enemy. We must focus on our current problems.   Goblins : I pity these wretches but I will not allow murder and theft to go unpunished.   Kobolds : Dwarves and kobolds are a lot alike. We are scrappy individualists who value strong family ties and like to live in the mountains. Because of our similarities we will probably never be able to forge a lasting peace.
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