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Of the politically leading clans of Meckelorn are old respectable families that are struggling with a lack of money.  In this environment the Dragonbane Clan dwarves are the noveau rich.   A few decades ago, an adventuring party made up of mostly clan members slew a dragon and looted it's horde.  They didn't just squander this pile of treasure but they invested it wisely.  They are now the richest clan in Meckelorn and they have working on leveraging their wealth to buy some desperately needed publicity.   Their ancestors were mostly low status tanners with no real military victories of yore to boast about.  They also have more than a few infamous ancestors.  There was a criminal enterprise that used to use tanners as smugglers.   In the past they had some less than stellar interactions with the kalazotz including an incident where kalazotz uncovered and ratted out their smuggling operation.  This has colored their opinions of the them to this day, and the Dragonbane is easily the least bat friendly of the politically active clans.


The other clans look down on them given that their ancestors were mediocre at best. The modern clan venerates their ancestors loudly and publicly more to show defiance to their naysayers than out of genuine filial piety.   Their worship of Hallisan and the rest of the Nine is largely, so they can mimic socially acceptable behaviors.

Dragon’s Bane on the Others

  Greystone Clan: They look down on us and our "common blood", but what have these royals done in the last generation other than preen their beards and posture?   Red Shaft Clan: Of the leading old families, these are the only ones who do not scorn us, at least not openly. This is because they understand that nobility is in actions and not blood. They do not rest on laurels, even now they are seeking to avenge a great wrong. I pity their enemies.   Red Scales Clan: A useless waste of dwarf blood. They waste their time breathing in dust from their family tombs and hide behind the bats who do all their heavy lifting.   Heart's Fire Clan: They understand at least when to hold to tradition and when to adapt to changing circumstances though a bit too fickle to be true allies.   Order of the Stone: They cloak themselves in holiness but they are a money grubbing group of schemers like everyone else.   Priesthood of Mera: The Hearth Day feast you served was nice, thank you. Now go away.   The Sóleið: Oh right, I hear there are dwarf Keepers and not just human Keepers…   Priesthood of Phidas: “We are Masks and we are here to help” is what you hear before your wealth is stolen.   Rangers : A lot of our ancestors were rangers and that is why we are strong today.   Maiden Guard: It is good that our women know how to fight. I’m not sure it’s necessary to make a whole organization around it. Mothers and fathers can teach their daughters what they need just fine.   Armorers Guild of Meckelorn: Give us some weapons and we’ll show you how to use them!   Kalazotz : Some of their ancestors saved the lives of some of our ancestors. How long do we have to keep these winged goblins around our holds to repay the debt? Forever? Really?   Stahlheim : If the Meckelorner clans refuse to treat us with respect, perhaps Stahlheim will give us a warmer reception.   Mondert The older clan call us an upstart peasant house, but when one of these backwards islanders shows up to visit, they roll out the red carpet. Hypocrites.   Kantoca: We may share a border with the horse lords, but we do not have any interests in common.   Borderlanders: This chaotic mess occasionally spawns great human heroes. We should try to improve relations with the more reasonable Border Barons.   Fumayans: These humans are wise. Their lords are all too eager to hire dwarf mercenaries and craftsmen. The older clans may view working for humans as beneath them, but that’s why they are all struggling to pay their expenses.   Swynfaredians: For some reason the dragon worshipping humans don’t like us making a name for ourselves with a dead dragon. Not a big loss. The Swineherdians have always treated Meckelorners with contempt. We are just the first clan to give them a reason.   Codenya: The wood elves defend their borders fiercely and leave their neighbors in peace. A wise policy.   Uskalans: The vampire feed sacks are treacherous bastards, but they cannot attack us without fighting through the wood elves and Swineherdians first, so I don’t see why the other clans are so afraid of them.   Orcs: Their power is broken. If they are wise they will stay away from us lest we finish what our ancestors started.   Goblins: Filthier than rats and only slightly deadlier.   Kobolds: I don’t trust them and even if they I could trust them, what can they provide to us that dwarves cannot do better? If I see them near our lands, I will destroy them.
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