Armorers Guild of Meckelorn

It is well known that the guilds are very powerful political forces in the land of Stahlheim and they are much weaker in the land of Meckelorn.  The Armorers Guild is the exception that proves the rule.   They are very political in Meckelorn given that the entirety of Meckelorn still sees themselves at war in a sense and how martial prowess is so valued, the dwarves who craft the weapons and armor have a lot of leverage over the others.   Some of the clans are resisting and sponsor weapon and armors smiths who are not guild affiliated and the guild is trying to use their political influence to shut this down.

Meckelorn Armorer’s on the Others

    Greystone dwarf clan: They have a strong sense of personal entitlement which makes them difficult to negotiate with.   Red Shaft Clan: Excellent customers. Their warriors are strong because they understand the value of quality weapons.   Red Scales Clan: The cheapskates would rather fight with sharp sticks than treat with us fairly.   Dragonbane Clan:  Good customers. They are so hungry for the respect of the elder clans that if you appease their need for flattery they are trivially easy to negotiate with.   Heart's Fire Clan: They are good customers but they have playing merchant for so long that negotiating with them is not always easy.   Order of the Stone: We offer them a substantial discount in honor of mighty Hallisan but they still prefer to rely on their own smiths.   Priesthood of Mera: The bats can worship Mera all they want, it makes no difference to me.   The Sóleið: The scroll heads can worship Khemra all they want, it makes no difference to me.   Priesthood of Phidas: We understand each other but that does not make us friends.   Rangers: They preview primitive bartering over trading in coins, but I suppose rangers have always been a bit on the primitive side.   Maiden Guard: In honor of their valuable contribution to our communities safety, we give the Maiden Guard a 5% discount on all weapons and armor purchases!   Kalazotz: They are good at handling tasks too trivial for dwarves to get involved in.   Stahlheim: They understand that guilds serve the greater good for all dwarves by ensuring all tradesmen meet standards of excellent.   Mondert : We get a few visitors but they are too far away to set up a practical trade agreement with them.   Kantoca: A rare few horse lords who seek truly great weapons and armor are wise enough to seek us out, but not many.   Borderlanders: We should stop propping up the paupers of the Freistadt and the Barony of the Bats and see if we can work out an alliance with the Crystal Fields Baroness and the Platinum Consortium.   Fumayans: They are trustworthy but can rarely afford our services.   Swynfaredians: They can afford our services but are rarely trustworthy.   Codenya: Irrelevant tree huggers.   Uskalans: We are building a great stockpile of weapons. In the unlikely event the Uskalans attack, we will be ready.   Orcs: We are building a great stockpile of weapons. In the likely event the orcs attack, we will be ready.   Goblins: The dagger sheaths are good practice for green soldiers to cut their teeth on.   Kobolds: Their scaly skin is thicker than most other mortals but not nearly thick enough to turn aside our blades.
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