Bristlebranch Clan

The Bristlebranch Clan are one of the smaller less prestigious dwarf clans in Meckelorn. They can be described as a poor but proud dwarf clan. They do adequately income wise, as they aggressively seek legal paid work whenever they can, but they have next to nothing in the case of heirloom treasures.   They have not produced a lot of famed craftsmen Bristlebranch Clan has a produced a lot of fine @ranger and cavers though. There is some push among the younger generations to train more craftsmen.   They are proud of their traditions and even compared to other dwarves, the Bristlebranch dwarves are very derferential to thier elders.   Most outside dwarves say the Bristlebranch two defining traits are their formality and their love of gold with a respect for nature as their number three trait. THat is assuming the other clans pay them much thought aat all, the Bristlebranch Clan is easy to overlook.


The Bristlebranch Clan holds Korus in higher regard than most other dwarves. Meckelorn doesn't have a lot of Stewardsbut a disproportionatlly high number of them are related to the Bristle branches by blood or marriage.   Bristlebranch dwarves, like most dwarves, hold Hallisan in high regard. They do not hesitate to pay their respects to Khemra, Mera, Phidas, and Zarthus.   Bristlebranch dwarves believe strongly in filial piety and most at least pray to thier ancestors once a week.

Bristlebranch on the Others

  Hear the words of Elbrus Bristlebranch, traveling blacksmith   Greystone Clan: Our clan is beneath their notice and that is fine by us, we don’t know need them to tell us what we should be doing.   Red Shaft Clan: Respectable warriors with proud traditions. Even better they also are relatively polite to smaller clans like ours.   Red Scales Clan: Both our clans are viewed as somewhat eccentric and both our clans value filial piety highly. Still, we seldom have anything to do with each other despite being kindred spirits.   Heart's Fire Clan: Kindred spirits. They are a bit eccentric, a bit mercenary and they respect their elders much like we do.   Dragonbane Clan: I cannot fault them for being rich because they earn their wealth through hard work and careful risk taking.   Order of the Stone: I bear them no malice, but we don’t need to stand in front of the Great Stone in order to pray to Father Hallisan. We are dwarves, he will hear our prayers anywhere.   Priesthood of Mera: Family is very important, too many dwarves overlook the valued gift the Hearth Mother gives us all.   The Sóleið: We may live underground but we do not shun the Khemra's warming light.   Priesthood of Phidas: We have learned their wisdom without being caught in their snares.   Rangers: Other dwarves look down on their rangers, we honor them.   Maiden Guard: We Bristlebranch do not need the Maiden Guard to make sure our women are strong but some of the other clans require the Maiden Guard’s guidance.   Armorers Guild of Meckelorn: They are good at what they do, but they still overcharge for their services. They are gradually forcing more and more clans to do their metalwork in house and this will ultimately make the guild irrelevant.   Kalazotz: We do not really need them anymore, but they don’t do any harm fluttering around, so I bear them no malice.   Stahlheim: I don’t begrudge them their money seeking ways but I think they have lost their self-sufficiency and fighting spirit.   Mondert: Never met a Mondarian dwarf, though I’d like to.   Kantoca: The horsemen are honorable and strong, but their paths rarely cross with us and that’s fine.   Borderlanders: A little undisciplined but I admire their zest for life and adaptability.   Fumayans: They are honorable folk and they make good beer. If Meckelorn only trades with one human nation, it should be them.   Swynfaredians: I hear they are dicks.   Codenya: Other dwarves say we Bristlebranchers are similar to the wood elves, and they don’t usually mean it in a flattering way. I’ve never met an elf, but I’d like to.   Uskalans: Corrupt humans with an even more corrupt king. At least they are far away.   Orcs: They are our enemies, but they are easy enough to outwit for those trained in moving about the wilderness.   Goblins: Little more than target practice for our youngest warriors to cut their teeth on.   Kobolds: Bear them no malice unless they earn it.
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