spirit loas

Spirit Loas, also called spirit horses are rare mortals gifted with the ability to not only see ghosts but they can channel ghosts and the honored dead into their bodies and minds to gain temporary access to the knowledge and ability of the deceased.   Spirit Loas, also known as spirit horses can open themselves up to possession and borrow the skills of the spirit “rider”. The spirit in question is usually a ghost from the material plane, or one of the honored dead from the Aetherial Plane. This usually invites a friendly spirit with similar goals, and the spirit and Loa usually work in tandem, but there is always a risk that the "rider" may try to fully dominate the "horse."   Even if the spirit rider does not initiate a hostile possession, a Loa can easily manifest new verbal accents and mannerisms from their spirit riders. Spirit Loas can also manifest cravings and urges as their spirit riders yearn to enjoy food and other simple pleasures of the living. A "horse" may follow these urges or they may try to repress them.   Most Spirit Loas are born that way and begin manifesting the rudiments of their powers as children. In theory, Spirit Loas can pop up anywhere, but most Spirit Loas show up in cultures that regularly practice filial piety and ancestor worship. A lot of Loas have a near-brush with death early in life which triggers their nascent powers.   It is possible that a Spirit Loa with limited ability is not even aware that she is a Spirit Loa, attributing her occasional ability boosts to sudden inspiration or dumb luck. Even Spirit Loas with limited skills usually have basic skills as a medium and can sense ghosts nearby even when they try to hide. This is often how Spirit Loas discover what they are.   A rare few individuals develop Spirit Loas later in life through training and studying. This is especially common for someone who is studying necromancy, divination, or theology of the afterlife.   Ghosts are attracted to Spirit Loas and may drop by just to chat. Spirit Loas with high skill in this ability often have more dead friends than living friends. There is a kernel of truth to the stereotype that Spirit Loas are asocial loners with poor hygiene who crazily whisper to their invisible friends in the corner.   In societies that commonly value ancestor worship, about one in a hundred individuals is a Spirit Loa. Among societies that do not normally put much special effort into honoring their dead, Spirit Loas make up approximately one in five hundred individuals.   Most Spirit Loas are non-spell casters, but it is possible to be a mage or theurgist to also be a Spirit Loa, it’s just very rare.   Spirit Loas are less to come back as ghosts after their own deaths than the general population. Spirit Loas never retain their Loa abilities post-mortem.

Spirit Loas in RPG terms

    In game terms, spirit loas are characters with the rare ability "Spirit Loa". , the rules for this can be found in the article Spirit Loa Rules

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