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Clan Elder

The clan elder of a dwarf clan is by tradition, the eldest male. If the eldest male is infirm or otherwise unable to attend Council of Elders meetings and otherwise handle clan business, another older member of the clan to take the post.   In most cases, the Clan Elder has the final say in clan marriages and speaks for the clan when negotiating with other clans, guilds, or political potentates.   Some clan elders are hands-on leaders that micromanage all the day-to-day issues of their clan and others prefer to let their families conduct their business with minimal interference. Some Clan Elders have a public right hand, some have a secret right and and some prefer to handle everything themselves.   While the Clan Elders operate in largely the same way in Meckelorn and Stahlheim but in Meckelorn, the clan elders tend to wield a lot of political power and in Stahlheim the position is mostly ceremonial.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
traditions and family loyalty
Length of Term

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