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Vamorus Redshaft

Vamorus Redshaft is one of the youngest men sitting on the the Meckelorn Council of Elders¬†because unfortunately many of his elder kin were recently slain by orcs.¬†   A delegation of Red Shaft Clan¬†dignitaries was unexpectedly ambushed by orcs while traveling to the capital and many of their people were slain and some of their house's most cherished heirlooms were stolen.   Vamorus has sworn to recover these lost heirlooms and repay the orcs in blood ten times over.   The Red Shaft Clan is famous for their battle prowess and their great parties, but Vamorus is not really into parties, being much more serious than a stereotypical member of his clan thought this is understandable under the circumstances.   While the clan has always been a militant clan, under Vamorus' leadership, this has intensified and he has implemented a number of internal security protocols that even some of his clan think may be a bit excessive.
Lawful Neutral
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