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Barony of the Bats government

I only visited this land once, and it is probably the most unique little realm in the Borderlands. I hope to visit them again soon.   Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Nami Circuit Priestess of Nami
  The Barony of the Bats is unique in that it is the first region controlled by kalazotz above ground (not counting the Codenya kalazotz who are vassals of wood elves). This is also the first attempt of the batfolk to live near humans since the tragic massacre of the Grey Forest kalazotz generations ago.


Most day-to-day problems and conflicts are managed by the family and clan elders. Larger or more difficult problems are decided by the leader, officially titled "Ajaw", but colloquially named "the Bat Baron".   The Ajaw is elected for life by a council of all of the local clan elders. While the Ajaw does not deal with the day-to-day operations of the realm, the Ajaw is expected to oversee the military, both during times of crisis and for routine maintenance, security, and training.

Public Agenda

To give the kalazotz a safe place to grow and prosper above ground and spread their wings, both figuratively and literally.


In 1055, the land now known as the Barony of the Bats was known as Mount Gunabad, it was a breakaway fiefdom from the crumbling empire created by Mordock the Destroyer run by orcs, until eventually the local Borderlander humans decided they didn't want an orc nation in their neighborhood so a coalition toppled them and set up a new human Border Barony. The dwarfs of Meckelorn and Stahlheim didn't want to tolerate a fiefdom of orcs either but their armies were too spent from fighting Mordock to be able to do anything about a rogue Border Barony.   Like most of the Border Baronies Region, this land experienced many coups and new governments forming and subsequently failing.   In 1818, orcs took over the area again and chrisened the area New Gunabad. This time the Meckelorner dwarves and Stahlheimer dwarves had rebuilt thier armies. They quickly put aside their differences long enough to form a joint army to topple New Gunabad.   Both dwarf nations were not sure whether or not they wanted to administer this Borderland land or not but neither especially wanted the other nation to control this land. As a compromise, they turned the land over to their kalazotz allies   Kalazotz have long been very close allies to the dwarf kingdom of Meckelorn and somewhat less close allies to the dwarf kingdom of Stahlheim. Most were content to be the dwarves' proverbial sideicks, but some had been murmering that they wanted to try living above ground and not under the direct thumb of the dwarves.

Demography and Population

There are roughly a fifty-five thousand mortals living in the Barony of Bats. 70% kalazotz, 12% dwarves, 10% humans, 5% Other   They estimate that the land is fertile enough to support double this population and the area is experiencing something of a baby boom.


The Barony has about 600 full time soldiers, 400 kalazotz and 200 dwarves.  
Commissioned kalazotz flying, grey background by Diana Rahfoth
The Barony of the Bats has a volunteer militia of roughly 3000 people, 2400 kalazotz, 500 dwarves and 100 humans.   The military relies on combined armed maneuvers where the ground forces are heavily supported from kalazotz using crossbow fire and dropped objects to provide cover fire.


Most kalazotz worship Mera primarily though they are not connected with either the Terrawans or Walchese that most non-bat Mera worshipers are affiliated with. Due to their influence from dwarf culture, Hallisan is held in high regard, but they prefer to avoid the human and dwarf dominated Guardian hierarchy.   Now that they are above ground and living on their own, the Border Bats are intending to broaden their spiritual horizons. They are incorporating more worship from the rest of the Nine but they want to do it on kalazotz terms. They are willing to work with human dominated priesthoods but not be subservient to them. They are especially interested in increasing their worship of Khemra and Zarthus as they represent the sun and moon and this has some novelty for the Border Bats having lived underground for so long.   The non-kalazotz minority is permitted to worship however they see fit though Maylar and Greymoria is viewed as somewhat suspicious.

Foreign Relations

the Barony has only been under the batfolk's management for fifteen years so they haven't had time to develop ties with the rest of the Border Baronies Region. They still maintain close ties to their tradition dwarf friends in Meckelorn and Stahlheim.   The Border Bats are trying to establish friendly relations with their new human neighbors, starting with the groups that are already friendly with dwarves.

Agriculture & Industry

The land is fertile and the Barony of the Bats grows a wide variety of cereal crops as well as cash crops (mostly textile crops). The uncultivated wild areas allow for decent harvesting of natural reagents.   The Barony keeps a fair number of sheep and goats. The human immigrants to the Barony have brought pigs with them and osme of the kalazotz find they have a taste for pork.   Since the kalazotz are true omnivores but they are blood drinkers more than they are meat eaters, they can harvest blood from livestock and let the non-bat minority eat the remainder though some of the batfolk are moving away from their traditional fare in favor of more solid food so to speak.   The batfolk are renown for their skills at weaving, so their main industry besides food production is textiles and tapestries.   The dwarf minority means their domestic demand for high quality metal and stonework is always met.

To fly beneath the sun and moon

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Barony of Kalla Kʼin Un
Border Bats
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
standard currency though barter is very common.
Major Exports
textiles and tapestries
Major Imports
Metal goods, timber goods, books
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Related Species

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