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Nami Circuit Priests

Most Nami priests and priestesses tend to live most of their lives on the road.  That's why they are nicknamed Rovers.  Not all Rovers rove randomly drifting aimlessly in the wind.  Some Rovers rove in predictable patterns.   Circuit Priests refer to Rovers that enjoy presiding over Nami festivals and make it a point to go to as many of them as possible. Most nations and cities celebrate their holy days on different days of the year, so a single Rover can preside over the yearly celebration of Nami six or seven times a year or more. To many outsiders it seems like the priests just have a knack for showing up on time. The Rovers love to maintain the illusion, but there is hard work and organization behind the scenes to make this possible.   While these Rovers attend a lot of parties, ironically other Rovers sometimes say they are the most hidebound and boring of the entire Rover family because they are predictable.  This is mostly good natured ribbing, not real hostility though.  Most Rovers appreciate the effort that Circuit Priests in make sure people praise Nami's name.
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