Zocatec is the native tongue of most kalazotz and camazotz. It is loosely based on Grauen.   Camazotz and kalazotz have very different and distinct dialects, but the two rival races rarely have problems understanding each other. Also, the vocal intonations of kalazotz and camazotz are quite different. It is very difficult for one bat race to verbally impersonate the other.   Zocatec also incorporates a lot of bat noises like squeaking, growling, and chirping. Because of this, it is difficult for non-zotz to learn to speak.   Both camazotz and kalazotz have good ears adapted to picking up sonar pings. Both races can make high frequency noises to signal their own kind at great distances but they cannot communicate complex ideas, only basic celebrations, challenges, and distress calls.  
Comissioned art of Camazotz/Kalazotz comparison flying by Diana Rahfoth
  Zocatec was not originally created with a writing system. Sonar may help bat people see in the dark, but it doesn't let anyone read in the dark).   Dwarf influenced kalazotz have created a written language for Zocatec using Dwarven script as the baseline and this practice has slowly begun trickling into kalazotz tribes not directly allied with dwarves.   Most camazotz are completely illiterate though a few Uskalan camazotz can read and write. These literate camazotz read and write in Common or less often in Elven rather than read and write in their own mother tongue.


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Cover image: Comissioned art of Camazotz/Kalazotz comparison by Diana Rahfoth


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