Uskalan camazotz

Camazotz on foot by Diana Rahfoth
  Most camazotz are fully nomadic or semi-nomadic barbarians.  Unlike their cousins the kalazotz, the camazotz have made very few friends.  They are belligerent and hostile to almost all non-camazotz.   One of the few friends the camazotz made was King Drosst.  When the Kingdom of Uskala annexed some tropical islands south of the mainland of West Colassia that were disputed between humans and camazotz, King Drosst moved in with a dominant military force and drew lines on the map more or less decreeing.   "These islands are exclusively for humans, these islands are exclusively for camazotz, and all of you serve me."  
Commissioned camazotzflying, grey background by Diana Rahfoth
  Before Uskala intervened, it seemed that the local humans were gradually in the process of driving out or eradicating the camazotz.  The new drawn map lines were very generous to the camazotz.   I lieu of taxes paid in coin or goods, King Drosst requires his camazotz provide him with soldiers.  All camazotz are nicknamed death bats, but the Uskalan death bats really earn the name.   Stealthy, strong and ruthless, Drosst's flying hit squad is feared throughout Uskala.  They don't handle mundane law enforcements.  They deal with rebellious acts that threaten Drosst's interest directly.  They very commonly are the spearhead of assaults against troublesome Lantern cells, and they hang like a sword of Damocles over Drosst's vassals should they ever step out of line.   After years of using "Death Bats", their reputation is so fearsome that in many cases the mere threat of them can cause subjects to fall in line.
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