Grauen is the language created by Greymoria, so that the creatures she created can talk to each other and be removed culturally from the other mortals of the era they were born in.   Grauen is a bit linguistically limited. Just as many of Greymoria's children abandon her eventually, many of Greymoria's children abandon Grauen or it evolves into a pidgin language.   Most of Greymoria's First Age creations now speak Draconic as their native tongue, only holding on to a few dozen Grauen words in their dialect.   Most of Greymoria's Second Age  creations now speak Elven as their native tongue, holding onto a few hundred words of Grauen.   Most of Greymoria Third Age creations speak full Grauen, but words from Common are gradually becoming more common, pun intended.   Some monster hunters make it a point to learn Grauen. Many of the priests and priestesses that make up the Children learn the language as an act of devotion or as a means of communicating with Greymoria's more monstrous Children.
Grauen Speakers (non-exhaustive list)   aranea    camazotz    derro
Successor Languages

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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