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Massacre of the Grey Forest Kalazotz

The Grey Forest  is the largest forest in West Colassia outside of Codenya. It was also home to the Grey Forest tribe of kalazotz, about four or five separate clans of kalazotz lived there.   A lot of humans farmed near the Grey Forest and some went in the forest to hunt, harvest reagents, edible fruit or mushrooms, but never in excess because the forest was home to many Korus spirits and Stewards. Thus the Grey Forest was not quite wilderness, not quite settled.   Unsurprisingly the kalazotz of the Grey Forest were very friendly with the (mostly human) Stewards, a few kalazotz were Stewards. Over time as the kalazotz and the local humans got used to each other they begun some minor trading.   All was well. Then one day Uskala annexed all the lands around the Grey Forest and by extension claimed the Grey Forest. For a many decades decades, life didn't change much. The Uskalans and the kalazotz did little more than mildly inconvenience each other. Then King Drosst decided to cement ties to the Uskala's newest citizens, the camazotz by helping them eradicate the Grey Forest kalazotz.

The Conflict


Uskalan soldiers bullied some of the local humans into telling them where the Grey Forest kalazotz had their nests. Then the Uskalans send squads to every nesting site, chopped down the trees their nests were in. A small number of kalazotz warriors attacked the Uskalans to buy time for the others to evacuate the pups.   The human soldiers search the soldiers and chopped down any tree they found with which kalazotz tried to find shelter.   With humans giving them no ground to seek shelter, camazotz armed with fine steel weapons hunted down the beleaguered survivors and slaughtered any kalazotz they found.


A few survivors made it underground and the sad tale circulated among most kalazotz on West Colassia though many of the details were lost.   Most kalazotz were not aware that their problems specifically came from Uskala.  The end result is a general distrust of humans if not an outright disdain for humans.  It also gave kalazotz a low opinion of seeking allies among the Stewards.

Historical Significance


Ever since the massacre of the Grey Forest kalazotz, every major attempt that kalazotz have made to venture into the surface world in West Colassia has been via partnership with elves or dwarves, but not humans.
Start Date
Month of Blooding. year 1450
Ending Date
Month of Horning 1451

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