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Ragani the gnome Guardian

Sister Ragani

Ragani is a young priestess of Hallisan and a loyal companion to the famous hero Kormatin, originally assigned with the archer Tihalt to help Kormatin root out Swynfaredian spies in Fumaya.   The party apprehended several spies before they stumbled into the machinations of a secret cult of Decadents. This encounter made the party famous after the arrest and eventual banishment of the queen's younger sister, Lady Felicja Wiern. Their fame had helped provide a trail for Kormatin's long lost half-sister, Brigid, to find and join the party.   The party thwarted an assassination attempt against Baron Fyodor Deorac IV cementing their friendship with the Deorac family. Later, Bendek Deorac would join their party.   Kormatin's and company hatched a plan to overthrow Swynfaredia's puppet states in the Border Baronies Region, but they needed money to do this.  
Following the words of an oracle and a trail of mundane clues, the party tracked down and slew the wealthy vampire Emerande who had been act as a shadowy puppet master to the Border Barony Prophet's Pass.   Previously Ragani generally only summoned arrow catching spirits and patched up the wounded, but this battle was the first fight where Ragani truly contributed as more than quiet support, inflicting direct wounds on the vampire with axe and magic (though Tihalt got the killing blow).
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  Ironically, Ragani handles more wealth as a warrior priestess than she ever did as a merchant with the "liberated" possessions of various defeated foes.  
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Shortly after slaying the vampiress, the party tackled a criminal cartel controlled by expatriated Swynfaredian ogres led by a skin changer witch named Heulwen. Tihalt died saving the lives of Brigid and Ragani.
  Ragani had little time to mourn her spiritual brother in arms. She accompanyed Kormatin as he sought to gather allies for their coup.  
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By the time they were ready to oust the Uwcharedian puppet states, Ragani's summoning skills grew much stronger. This helped Ragani cement a friendship with one of her spirit eagles of Hallisan she nicknamed "Sam".
  Kormatin, Ragani, and Brigid had attracted the attention of House Gorisonad who were the puppet masters of Uwcharedia. They put a bounty on all three of them. Bendek, did not receive a price on his head and he was miffed by this.   The party had fake bounty hunters turn them in with unlocked manacles in a daring Trojan Horse maneuver to slay the spymaster Lord Rhydian ap Goirsonad and rob his holdings blind. They used captured documents to help plan assassinations of important linchpins of the Gorisonad spy network.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

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  She was gifted a magical armor buckle from the goddess Khemra after helping Kormatin and company rescue Krogresli the Eclipsed Caste dwarf, it was decorated with a beautiful symbol of Hallisan.

Specialized Equipment

She usually carries a wand of Plant ● gifted by Reverend Hahn of the Stewards.   When on duty usually wears chain mail. Given her life as an adventurer and counter espionage agent with a large price on her head, she is always expecting some trouble and usually wears light armor blended with clothes when "relaxing".   She usually armed with a battle axe, partially to make up for her underwhelming gnome strength and partially because it is Hallisan's signature weapon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ragani was born in land of Fumaya and was the youngest of seven siblings. Her parents were relatively successful merchants, but their finances were stretched by having lots of mouths to feed. Their home was in the city King's Lake, but very frequently one of her parents was traveling and sometimes Ragani and/or her siblings were dragged along on these trips across Fumaya.
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  Ragani and her siblings never went hungry but didn't enjoy many luxuries. Like most gnomes, her parents push all her kids to be literate. Usually her parents pushed ledgers and non-fiction guides at her but Ragani loved to read ancient stories and current fiction when ever she could.   Ragani decided fairly early that the life of a merchant was not for her. She figured she would not get much starting capital from her parents to go into business for her self, and she was kind bothered by some aspects of merchant culture.   She especially disliked "face culture". Her parents often dressed above their station and the whole family had to pretend to be less poor than they were. She disliked the low level deception and flattery endemic in mercantile endeavors though Ragani retained enough gnomish social graces to avoid being outright blunt and abrasive.   As an adolescent, she made friends with a human named Anielka, the daughter of a prominent Guardian, which drew Ragani into the Guardians by proxy. Ragani helped Aneilka find the courage to tell her father that she did not want to be a Guardian. Aneilka ultimately married an inn keeper lives a relatively quiet domestic life. In the process of helping Aneilka stand up against her father and politely attending many Hallisan worship rituals, Ragani actually decided that the Guardian lifestyle was appealing to her. She admired their courage and general up front honesty and directness. She was also fond of stories about Guardian heroes of yesteryear.  
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As an adolescent bordering on adult hood, she applied to join the Fumayan Guardians and was accepted.
  Type casted for being a gnome, Ragani was "encouraged" to train in medicine with an emphasis on battlefield first aid with the hope of her developing Healing theurgy which she eventually did, though her development was slow.   Her second theurgy was Spirit Magic which developed unusually quickly. This was presumably because Ragani spent as much time in the temple library reading about the spirits as she could, often borrowing books from the Fumayan Keepers and Fumayan Tenders.   She was assigned by her ecclesiastical superior, Revered Mother Alexandra Frymar, to aid Kormatin initially for little more reason than her strong willpower, but she has since forged a strong bond with Kormatin and his mission.


The Guardians do not require priests and priestesses to be celibate, but they encourage celibacy. Ragani has leaned into this professional celibacy.   Ragani has taken up the Dragons' Path and does not want to leave a widower or motherless child behind. It is is also partially due to her tendency to form deeper emotional (but platonic) bonds to humans than gnomes so she rarely interacts with other gnomes long enough for a "spark" to form.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While Ragani is different from stereotypical gnomes simply from being a Guardian, she has filled the stereotypical gnome role of being a loyal supporter to larger folk taking care of the important but non-glorious details, quietly supporting the heroic actions of her more public heroic companions.   She has provided summoning and healing magic in a backup roll, given good advice, playing "good cop" during interrogations, and helping deal with managing supplies and buying and selling items for the party.   Given that she is part of an espionage team, Ragani ended up acting as the friendly public "face" for her adventuring party something she would have balked at years ago, but now she is doing this for the higher cause.   Her most impressive conventionally heroic act was single handedly defeating a powerful Gorisinod sorcerer in a conjurers' duel during the battle for the liberation of the Wooly Slopes Barony.

Failures & Embarrassments

Originally she joined the Guardians partially to distance herself from her mercantile upbringing which she had misgivings about, but she has found herself full circle often engaging in mercantile endeavors on behalf of the Guardians. She has since made peace with this personal demon as she has seen that trading and commerce can be a force for good.  
Tihalt by Eron12 using Hero Forge
Ragani still blames herself for Tihalt's death at the hands of Huelwen the Skin Changer Witch using the dreaded spell Body Warp.   Shortly thereafter, Ragani honed her healing magic to Healing ●●●● which could have potentailly saved Tihalt if she had it earlier.

Morality & Philosophy

Ragani value system is a mix of traditional gnomish community and family values combined with the straightforward honor and work ethic espoused by the Guardians.   Ragani is not on bad terms with her blood family, but puts more weight on her found family.

Ragani was a priestess and a novice summoner assigned to help Kormatin temporarily in his hunt for Swynfaredian spies, but she has since become a full time companion to Kormatin and staunch ally in his broad mission to defend Fumaya by any means necessary.

Character Location
Current Location
central Swynfaredian countryside
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Character Portrait image: Ragani portrait by Eron12 using Hero Forge


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