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Kormatin Solo Session 7: 7-12-2022

General Summary

Kormatin and company bribed the neighbor living closest to Kostya the simpleton pawn of Emerande to keep tabs on him.   Tihalt and Brigid tailed Kostya while Kormatin and Ragani bought some new weapons and made some inquiries.   Eventually, Kormatin figured out that the vampire they were seeking was lairing in the subbasement of a local brewer who seemed to be one of the vampire's thralls.   Just in case Kormatin and company were about to die, Kormatin sent a letter explaining what he found to the Barony of the Dead .   With the help of the wand of basic Plant magic given to them by Hahn earlier, they easily subdued the brewer before he could raise an alarm. They grabbed his keys and went into the basement, found a sub basement and were able to catch Emerande's guard's flat footed but not before one could pull a bell string.   They incapacitated the three guards in three or four minutes. Ragani used her Healing magic to keep the incapacitated men from bleeding to death, then they were bound in manacles.   Emerande was awake and lighting candles when Kormatin and company reached her. She tried some banter, but Ragani wounded her with Healing spell initiating combat. It was a tough fight but due to extensive magical defensive buffs, Kormatin and his allies were able to wear her down with group gang up tactics until she ran low on blood and willpower points.   The only wound Kormatin's party took occurred when Tihalt accidentally struck Brigid. Tihalt redeemed himself by getting the killing blow on Emerande.   They interrogated the brewer. The brewer tried to pretend he was being mind controlled, but Kormatin and company saw through his false front. Kormatin made the deal with him that they will let him keep his business and tell everyone that he was not acting of his own free will if he cooperates with them taking Emerande's accumulated wealth, which he agreed to. Kormatin finally passed an intimidation roll for once.   Kormatin revised his letter to the Barony of the Dead. He sent an expedited letter to Baron Fyodor Deorac IV asking for men to help him move the supplies.   Kormatin and allies read Emerande's most recent journals and worked their way backwards. They nabbed Emerande's back up daylight guard when he arrived for his shift. They determined that the merchant and oldest man of the Prophet's Pass Pentarchy were in Emerande's thrall as well as two other wealthy local merchants.   They determined that Emerande was paranoid of other vampires and ghosts. She was robbing wealthy travelers no one would miss and using her merchant thralls to fence the goods. Over the decades, she kidnapped artists and made them create art glorifying Emerande then killed them.   Kormatin left his sidekicks to guard the prisoners and loot and was on his way to contact the military leader of the pentarchy (who the journals showed was NOT in Emerande's thrall) but they found everyone was abuzz because Teresa the child oracle had declared   "The puppet master is dead, beware the hungry dragon instead."   He decided to visit the local Stewards of the Gift to explain that he just slew a vampire puppet master. Teresa insisted on seeing Kormatin and hugged him. She said that her terrifying nightmare visions of a beautiful blood soaked stalking her went away. Then she gave another prophecy.   By sunlight or moonlight, Rohdri’s schemes must be brought to light If he’s slain before a new Rohdri will take flight   The local Stewards asked to see Emerande's journals and lair. They began making a copy of Emerande's journals. They also helped arranged to quietly arrest Emerande's merchant thralls.   The Stewards promised to help. They suggested but not demanded that Kormatin give a percentage of his loot to Prophet's Pass as a gesture of goodwill.   This is when we decided was a good time to end the session.

Rewards Granted

8 experience points      

Emerande's Accumulated Wealth

  175 platinum pieces   1489 gold pieces   1898 silver pieces   408 copper pieces   234 drams of haber crystals (234 gp)   159 drams of basic reagents (159 gp)   10 pounds of gold (500 gp)   55 pounds of silver (275 gp or 2750 sp)   Assorted semi precious stones worth 850 gold together   Emerald earings worth about 100 gold.   Ruby necklace with gold setting worth about 800 gold   52 pounds of beeswax (a pound is worth about 45 sp for 234 gold total)   Large supply of top shelf wines and spirits (about 100 gold)   Assorted Spices (196 gold)   Assorted perfumes (84 gold)   Assorted noblewoman's garments {350 gold)   Assorted fine silver items (cups, spoons, belt buckles, jewelry, candelabras, etc) 500 gold   Assorted small gold trinkets (rings, earings, etc) 100 gold  


  20 fancy tapestries, (300 gold)   Assorted commoner made artistic wood carvings (250 gold)   Assorted artwork depicting Emerander. She went full Toreador and forced artists to glorify her. Woodcutting (on silverwood), marble bust, painting, and assorted drawings of Emerande, plus an illuminated manuscript of her biography. There are assorted samples of their none Emerande work including the art below   Elaborate wood carving on Silverwood depicting dwarves routing orcs. ????? gold   Assorted wood cutting portraits on regular wood of famous Kantoca nobles. ???? gold   6 painting set commorating key moments in the Divine Rebellion, artist went for very human-looking version of the Nine ???? gold   Illuminated manuscript of major events in Swynfaredian history ~400 gold from Brigid's understanding of something similar   Books of assorted high quality drawings and sketches. ???? gold   three pro-Lantern paintings ????? gold    

Miscellaneous Stuff

  Lots of quality writing supplies worth about 200 gold   Many Journals of her long machinations 0 gold or priceless   Two weeks worth of rations for her minions.   Tents, bedrolls, daily clothes, rope, torches, lanterns and other assorted practical gear ~400 gold   5 manacles  


  Banded Silverwood club (100 gold)   Silverwood   sovereign silver spear with a silverwood shaft. (800 gold, 500 gold piece point on a 300 gold stick).   (+1 damage over regular spear, 3 dice of bonus damage against undead and Void Demons).   -3 dice of damage against incoporeal target but it still hits incorporeal. (Against incoporeals it is a sharp stick, not a spear).     Dagger with electrum hilt addorned with semiprecious stones (150 gold)       Assorted personal mementos taken from memorable foes, mostly holy symbols actually. She has at least one from all nine. Including noble crests, pictures of family, and stuff a sadist would keep. ~50 gold, some of the mementos were minor pieces of jewelry.   Daggers: 12 (24 gp)   Short Swords: 3 (30 gp)   Arming Swords: 6 (90 gp)   Rapiers: 3 (60 gp)   Scimitar: 1 (20 gp)   Long Sword: 1 (50 gp)   Great Sword: 2 (110 gp)   Hand Crossbow: 2 (100 gp)   Light Crossbow: 7 (245 gp)   Heavy Crossbow: 2 (100 gp)   494 crossbow bolts 565 arrows   War bow (for Strength 5): (300 gp)   War bow (for Stregnth 3): (100 gp)   Hand Axe: 6 (36 gp)   Battle Axe: 10 (100 gp)   Great Axe: 2 (40 gp)   Spears: 7 (14 gp)   Pike: 1 (5 gp)   Halberd: 4 (20 gp)   Glaive: 4 (32 gp)   Morningstars: 9 (90 gp)   Military Pick: 5 (40 gp)   Warhammers: 9 (108 gp)   Great Hammer: 3 (60 gp)   21 medium shields: One shield for every banner the Barony has had under her barony two or three extra for Prophet's pass and a few blank shields.   5 buckler shields   1 suit of full plate (fitted for Emerande)   4 sets of medium armor (2 fitted for Emerande, 2 for average men)   9 sets of light armor (4 fitting for Emerande, 5 one size fits most)   Several pounds of weapon worthy steel scraps (50 gold)
Report Date
12 Jul 2022
Primary Location

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