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Torch Bearer

Torchbearer is an honorary title given to members or allies of the Order of the Lantern who have slain a vampire.


The Torch Bearer must slay a vampire and be apart of the Order of the Lantern or closely allied to the Order.


Benefits are informal. Torch Bearers have bragging rights and informal status within the Order of the Lantern, but no formal power or additional resources.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Recipients of the title receive a badge and a pin with the icon of the now defunct vampire hunting society Order of the Torch.


Shortly after the death of the infamous vampire, Vladimir the Conqueror, several celebrated combat veterans who all hated vampires, formed a group called the Order of the Torch in order to hunt down Vladimir's surviving vampire lieutenants and minions.   The Order of the Torch was arguably too successful, they had killed over a hundred vampires in their first decade, but as time went on, the Order of the Torch had trouble finding vampires as there were fewer vampires to slay and the vampires that remained were better at hiding than their forebears.   Towards the end,a man could spend a lifetime in The Order of the Torch and never even see one vampire. Eventually the Order of the Torch disbanded and their manpower and assets were absorbed by the Order of the Lantern which had the focus of hunting down dangerous mages.   The Order of the Lantern still hates vampires and they train their members in the basics of vampire hunting lore, just in case. Any member of their order that is skilled and lucky enough to find and slay a vampire is given the title Torch Bearer as an honorific.

Cultural Significance

The Order of the Torch has largely been forgotten and the Order of the Lantern is not especially well known, so the significance of a Torch badge is known by few, but those who are aware of it, are impressed.
Religious, Military
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