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Kormatin Solo Adventure 1: Kormatin catches two Swynfaredian spies

General Summary

Kormatin's player wants to join the main group of Neshik the gnome, Aranil the wood elf, and Svetlana the half-orc and visa versa but scheduling conflicts and the CCP virus make it difficult for now.   I created Fumaya to be a sand box of potential story hooks for adventures. Originally, the other players were not especially interested in looking for sorcerer spies in the Swynfaredia-Fumaya cold war, but Kormatin's entire character concept is that he is part of an elite order that hunts down nefarious mages, so he is a natural fit.   Kormatin's player made up a great back story for the Order of the Lantern (not to be confused with Zarthus' Lanterns and I made some very minor adjustments on it to fit in with this campaign.   I quickly cooked up some NPCs to provide him a little extra support, but not so much support that they overshadow him, Ragani the theurgist and Tihalt an archer with a dabbler's amount of theurgy.   Anyway, we start out somewhat Mission Impossible style. Kormatin is called into the command tent of Revered Mother Alexandra Frymar and she charges him to look for Swynfaredian spies and assigns him Tihal and Ragani as helpers but puts Kormatin in overall command. She also gave them some scrolls and a wand with ten charges of Divination ●●● to pierce illusions.  

Second Spy

Their first lead was a large feral earth elemental going on a random journey throughout a large swath of countryside in the Duchy of Wiern. It was suspected that this elemental was unintentionally created from lots of spells cast in a limited area and since there were   After following a series of leads, they found a Swynfaredian dragon blood using illusions and lies to pretend to be a traveling minstrel and gathering information about assorted peasant's name days. His guard, a Talon Warrior was pretending to be a hobo.   Kormatin and his sidekicks cornered them. They were both using illusions to change their appearance and to make their armor and weapons look like clothes and tools. This ironically made them easier for Kormatin to track with his Divination ● by giving them a pretty heavy magical aura. Kormatin was able to subdue them both after a short fight and many charges of his divination wand.   Due to a technicality, Kormatin was able to arrest the Talon Warrior but not the noble. The noble did end up paying a fairly large fine (aka ransom) to King Henryk to get his Talon Warrior back. Weeks later, Kormatin found out via a grapevine of allies that these two were affiliated with House Gruffyl.  

First Spy

  Their first next lead was people claiming they were swindled by an enchanter. He was fairly easy to track as he was not especially subtle or clever. He asked obvious questions about military positions and used magic to scam people out of money after he ran out of coin.   Against all odds he was able to charm Kormatin despite his great willpower, but Ragani was able to break the enchantment easily with a scroll. Once freed of the charm Kormatin took down the Swynfaredian with impressive ease. He dodged the first invocation attack then warded himself against energy attacks. The Swynfaredian tried to pull his sword but Kormatin disarmed him in under a minute at which point he immediately surrendered.   He was a minor noble of House Kovenoth that was hoping to help his beleaguered House gain some status with some useful tactical information.   He was pardoned by King Henryk in exchange for a public confession of Swynfaredian meddling.

Rewards Granted

Kormatin didn't get any treasure beyond the materials he was supplied at the start of the session by Revered Mother Frymar.   But he did get a lot of mysterious notes from the Gruffyl spies who were collecting information of villager's ages and birthdays from border villages near the Fumayan-Swynfaredian border.  This is an important clue for later.

Character(s) interacted with

Note, while King Henryk's name came up a few times, Kormatin never actually met him.  Henryk was making his wishes known to Revered Mother Alexandra Frymar via letters and Kormatin was acting as Alexandra Frymar's agent.
Report Date
18 Jan 2022
Primary Location
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