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Rasdon, gnome illuminator

Son of Minbi the merchant and Saben the merchant, favorite brother of Ragani the gnome Guardian.   Rasdon is Ragani's older "gobiln twin". In other words, Ragani's mother became (somewhat unexpectedly) pregant with Ragani very quickly after Rasdon was born.     Not just close in age, Rasdon and Ragani were closest to each emotionally. They were the youngest in a large family and often did not get as much parental attention as they would have liked. Both had a fondness for books and storytellers, Both had no interest in becoming merchants like their parents though Ragani went through the motions and picked up the basics of the trade while Rasdon did not pick up any mercantile skills at all and is famously bad at math.   Rasdon tries a lot of art mediums as a hobby, but he is an illumintor by trade. He works as a copyist and book binder when paid work making illuminated manuscripts is slow.   He is unwed and childless though he is young enough that this is not odd.  


Ragani the gnome Guardian

sister (Vital)

Towards Rasdon, gnome illuminator



Rasdon, gnome illuminator

brother (Vital)

Towards Ragani the gnome Guardian




Ragani and Rasdon are the youngest children in a family of nine. They are closest in age of any two siblings in the family in terms of age and temperment.

Relationship Reasoning

They fully support each other's life decisions when the rest of their family supports their lifestyles with their noses plugged, figuratively speaking.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both enjoy reading and oral stories, both true history and true fiction.   Both are somewhat rebellious against their family's norms and expectations.

Current Location
Year of Birth
1798 CE 40 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Zarthus' Zodiac Year

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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