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Kormatin Solo Session 5: 6-15-2022

General Summary

This was our first attempt at running a virtual TTRPG session via Discord and it went very smooth for our first go at this.   Kormatin spent a several days with Baron Fyodor Deorac IV and allies about his plans that toppling the governments of Uwcharedia and New Uwcharedia would provide benefits to defending Fumaya against Swynfaredia.   If they can rally allies from the Borderlanders against, Fumaya won't have to expend as much manpower and resources.   They discussed plans for that and the pros and cons of reaching out to specific Border Barons.   While the characters were in discussion, there was odd incursion in the night. There were unexpected divets in the ground with a bit of blood and a few empty potion bottles.   In the morning, investigations revealed that some strangers tried to magically fly over the construction of the Baron's new wall...where the Baron had already paid a wizard to put in a ward against magical flying spells.   Clearly the mystery trespassers, fell from the sky, created divots in the ground, bled a little bit, healed up from their wounds and turned tail.   Baron Fyodor raised all men-at-arms and militia and loaned Kormatin his kennel master, Keevan, to track the scent of the mystery trespassers.   The followed the blood hounds until they hit a dead end. They guessed that the mystery trespassers cast another fly spell and Kormatin and his allies were unable to re-pick up the scent, so Kormatin sent Keevan home to report to Fyodor what was going on.   While asking around, they were approached by the satyr named Aleesia, who was a local priestess affiliated with the Fumayan Rovers   Aleesia told them of four suspicious Swynfaredian men that recently stopped by her hospital. Aleesia opted to accompany them because she wanted to see where this was going.   They tried to pick up their trail again by asking passerby if they saw the strangers. At this point Kormatin's player botched his Charisma + Investigation roll, so the helpful stranger was a scouter for brigands who led them into an ambush. Ten normal bandits and one stronger leader.   Kormatin made a series of almost comically bad rolls early on, but Kormatin and company gradually turned the tables. They incapacitated three or four of the bandits with no casualties on team Kormatin (though they had to drank a lot of healing potions), and eventually got them all to flee. Then interrogated the wounded to track down and capture every bandit and the scouter.   Now a good distance away from Baron Fyodor and out of his jurisdiction, they turned the bandits over to the local Count. The local Count was given grief by his liege Duke Eban Nerozik for allowing brigands to rein unchecked on his lands.   The Count had the idea to rewrite the telling of what actually happened. Kormatin didn't walk into an ambush, he boldly attacked the nest of bandits, and he did so acting on intelligence given to him by the Count. He paid Kormatin 100 gold to back up his story and recoup his potion expenses. The Count executed the bandit's scouter and sent the rest to the Duke for trial.   More investigation plus another helpful member of Fumayan Rovers and assorted helpful civilians let Kormatin and his allies piece together that the four Swynfaredian tresspasser had a fifth party member, a teenager squire watching their horses, but the squire got separated from the four men. They had recently reunited, but not until after the Fumayan Rover managed to steal one of their horses.   The Rover found in the saddle bag a detailed map of Baron Fyodor Deorac IV's castle and walled village, BUT it did not include any details of the newer construction on the map and the magical warding clearly took them by surprise. The sleeping chambers of Fyodor were clearly marked, making this appear to be an assassination attempt.   Kormatin followed the clues and were able to come upon where the men set up camp at night, seemingly unaware that they were discovered. We ended the session here because we did not want to pause things in the middle of a battle.   So mild cliff hanger, but the good guys have the element of surprise.
Report Date
15 Jun 2022
Primary Location

Cover image: Baron Fyodor IV by Eron12 with Hero Forge


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