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Kormatin Solo Session 4: 5-17-22

General Summary

Recap of Last Session

  Kormatin's last RPG session ended with him arriving in King's Lake after having busting a Decadent cult in the Duchy of Wiern led by Lady Felicja of House Wiern who is also the sister of Queen Janah Wiern. Then Brigid the Swynfaredian defector caught up with Kormatin and told him her story.  

Session Begins

  This session was heavy on roleplaying, low on action but enjoyable nonetheless.   To explain why Brigid has joined Kormatin's party, she has claimed to be a minstrel chronicling Kormatin's heroic deeds in song. To her credit, Brigid is actually a skilled performer and song writer, so it's not even a lie.   Jaromir, head of the Fumayan Keepers set up a meeting between Kormatin and king and queen of Fumaya for a debrief about the Decadent situation.   The king and queen were not happy with the news, but they didn't blame Kormatin.   While praying and mediatating, Kormatin was greeted by a Khemra spirit who gave him a magical fire gem enchanted to protect him from hostile magics, especially transmutation.   A day or two later, King Henryk made Kormatin his official royal investigator with a flowery royal decree and a 200 gold and 200 silver. Jaromir gave him another 100 gold shortly thereafter.   Jaromir also set up a few innocuous code phrases so Kormatin could write letters to the king and not risk the true contents of the letter being understood if stolen.   Not long after that The Fumayan Masks reached out to Kormatin and offered to share their intelligence gathered on the Swynfaredian threat and gave him a steep discount on magical item. They offered a free Mask sidekick, which Kormatin politely turned down. Eventually Kormatin bought a ten charge wand of Purification ●●●   While Kormatin was pouring over intelligence reports in the Mask temple, he was invited by many other representatives of Fumaya's Nonagon.   Ujarek gave him advice on dealing with reprucussions from his Decadent busting adventure and turned over a Decadent prisoner he captured in return for Kormatin giving Ujarek a good word to the king. Ujarek also gave Kormatin some reagents to support his spy hunting.   Hahn, local leader of the Fumayan Stewards gave Kormatin, some reagents, a magic wand with Plant ●, an invitation to visit any Fumayan Korus temple, and a little bit of free advice.   Carcelli the Arcane Priestess of Fumayan Children offered Kormatin potions at cost. Eventually she brewed Kormatin's party several potions of Invisibility and Fly and a few potions of Shield.   Responding to Ujarek's advice, Kormatin approached the Fumayan Lanterns and received some related intelligence and also discussed tactical "what-if" scenarios about the looming Swynfaredian invasion. The Lanterns set Brigid with a potions/scroll lab and Brigid used some of the reagents Kormatin had to scribe 12 scrolls of Augmentation ● over a period of three days.   Next, a young member of House Deorac met up with Kormatin to offer to buy him drinks and generally try to network him as the Deoracs want to be friends with all of Swynfaredia's enemies.   They took up his invitation and rode with him to Baron Fyodor Deorac IV's modest holding. Fyodor gave them a warm welcome and introduced Kormatin and company to his staff including the famous and wise Priest Benek and a dwarf engineer Nuldrun Dragonbane.   After an informal dinner, the next day, they started a formal meeting where they compared notes on Swynfaredia, then we ran out of time and had to end the session ending on the bombshell that House Gruffyl seemed to be seeking out people with cosmologically signficant birthdates in order to breed sorcerers from them.

Rewards Granted

A fair bit of money and reagents, nearly all of it was converted into finite magical items. Plus Kormating got an awesome magical firegem.

Missions/Quests Completed

Kormatin sought to gain intelligence and network with allies. He succeeded.

Character(s) interacted with

First the king and queen and Jaromir.   Then a Khemra spirit.   Then Jaromir and the king again.   Then Danuta of the Masks.   Then Ujarek of the Testers   Then Jaromir again. Actually might as well omit Jaromir meetings because they are so common.   Then Carcelli of the Children   Then Hahn of the Stewards   Then _____ of the Lanterns.   Then many Deoracs and Deorac allies.

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