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Kormatin Solo Session 6: 6-28-2022

General Summary

Last session ended with Kormatin having followed the trail of failed assassins targeting Baron Fyodor Deorac IV led them to a night camp.   Kormatin and his three companions and two borrowed red shirts made preparation. They cast a bunch of buff spells then charged in, triggering an alarm spell (and the squire who was guarding the camp at night) which woke the others.   The villain party was Maddock the squire, Sieffre the Talon Warrior, Taran the Fang Warrior invoker, Gaiwan an assassin and warrior for the Swynfaredian Children, and Lord Cadagon of House Kovenoth.   The redshirts, per Kormatins horses, secured the horses. Since the squire shot at them, the redshirts charged him and killed him.   Within a short order, Ragani was wounded badly but so was Gaiwan and Cadagon was incapaciated outright prompting Sieffre to surrender the group.   Gaiwan attempted to take sole responsibility for the assassination attempt with a rehearsed but unconvincing story.  
comissioned portrait of Aleesia the Satyr by Zeta Gardner
  Kormatin delivered his prisoners to Baron Fyodor Deorac IV who continued the interrogation. Aleesia the Satyr took her leave, gave Kormatin a long kiss in thanks for including her, and left with one of the Swynfaredians horses.   After further interrogation with the Baron and the Baron's men, they got some scuttlebutt on House Goirsonad but the group didn't get any immediately useful information.   After much deliberation, Fyodor quietly had all four prisoners executed for attempted murder (he briefly considered just executing Gaiwan and merely ransoming the others).   They got three extra horses, a healing potion, five potions of expeditious retreat, and about 400 silver.   After resting and recuperating, Kormatin and company traveled to Prophet's Pass and visited the oracle in the Temple of the Mountain Winds. Kormatin asked for treasure to help him defend Fumaya.   The oracle told Kormatin that he would be led on the path to treasure if he investigated an abandoned tin mine near Prophet's Pass. Brigid went to gather some tavern rumors and the locals believed the spent tin mine was either haunted by ghosts or fae, generally avoided.   Ragani sold one of their three extra horses so they group could buy some spelunking gear and a have a bit of gold left over.   They explored the mine and found an illusionary wall. Past the illusionary wall they found hundreds of shallow graves.   While investigating some of the fresher graves, a man came in with a wooden cart, a lantern, and a fresh corpse.   Kormatin tried to arrest him, but they quickly found out that he was a brain damage simpleton named Kostya who didn't realize there was anything criminal or odd about burying a corpse in an abandoned mine.   Once realizing this, Kormatin and company opted to help him bury the body and Ragani's medical training let her find out that the corpse was almost certainly killed by a vampire for blood. Kormatin deduced that Kostya was brain damaged from exposure to repeated vampire domination.   They followed him to his home, where they deduced the vampire was not staying. When caught sneaking, Kormatin explained that they weren't following, they just happened to be traveling his same direction, so they kept walking past his home.

Rewards Granted

three horses, plus some experience points.
Report Date
28 Jun 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: Pexel's free download by Helena Lopez


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