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Huelwen the Skin Changer Witch

Huelwen was a nobody sorceress who grew up on the streets of Swynfaredia, either a bastard or random sorceress. She quickly chose to be a skin changer witches to gain power and got involved with organized crime because that gives her the cover to murder and eat people.   She was operating loosely with the Hungry Dragon crime cartel until she killed and ate a Swynfaredian alchemists who happened to be the squib son of a ranking Swynfaredian dragon blood, so she left to Fumaya to beat the heat and hatch a new war profiteering scheme.   She was planning to slowly take over the criminal enterprises of King's Lake and use that as leverage for espionage and hoarding and price jacking basic goods for war profiteering.   She overreached when she tried to kidnap and eat the king's bastard half-sister attracting the attention of Kormatin and his allies who eventually killed her but not before she was able to severely hex Tihalt and leave him vulnerable to her ogre minions.

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