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Kormatin Solo Session 10: 9-9-2022, Kormatin goes on a recruitment drive

General Summary

Kormatin picked up a new sidekick to represent Deorac interests, Lady Anja Deorac III 's nephew and apprentice Bendek.   Kormatin met with Lord Tacitus Wiern and they discussion the Uwcharedia coup plan, focused primarily on how harshly or mercifully to treat the Uwcharedian leaders and if any could be flipped.   Kormatin told the local Fumayan Masks and Fumayan Lanterns of what he was trying to do and got them to help set up meetings with their counterparts in the Borderlands.   They also talked about how much support Duke Garland Wiern could be convinced to provide. Tacitus believed food and supplies would be relatively easy, troops would be relatively hard but not impossible.   Kormatin and company traveled to Government of Centrum with a letter of introduction from the Fumayan Masks.   He got the local Masks on board with Kormatin's grand plan and they helped grease the wheels with Merchant Prince Gawel Chiwosk (along with Emerande's former earrings convincing that he cannot afford to sit out the Fumaya-Swynfaredia war and convinced him to contribute hundreds of men.   Next stop Principality of Red Streams.   The lord's of Red Streams were taken aback that a famous adventurer was giving them money for a meeting. They were relatively easy to convince to get on board with Kormatin's plan because they had a preexisting dispute with Uwcharedia, their main addendum being to make sure the war was conducted chivalrously.     The Barony of Bees was harder to convince. Kormatin gave them a fair bit of treasure and got a relatively smaller pledge of troops. She also deliberately made Kormatin wait longer than necessary. Ragani also bought some more beeswax and reagents while they were in the Barony. The party overheard a rumor of a dragon being sighted near Prophet's Pass.   Intrigued by the rumors of the dragon, Kormatin changed his planned route in order to go to Prophet's Pass early. They learned that Commander Budrys had a wizard conjure a responsive illusory dragon for his men's target practice. They also found out Budrys wanted to talk to Kormatin.   Budrys was very concerned with Uwcharedian aggression and asked Kormatin for help before Kormatin revealed his plan to dissolve Uwcharedia. Budrys was eager to get on board but the entire Prophet's Pass pentarchy had to be unanimous to authorize military force like that. Kormatin swayed the whole Pentarchy to back Budrys recommendations. Kormatin made a minor faux pass with Greelup by providing a gift/bribe in a tactless manner, but Kormatin was able to apologize his way out of it.   Next stop Principality of Silfûrhëim . After a another diplomatic gift, playing into the idea that Uwcharedia is a long-term threat, the leader of Silfûrhëim got on board.   Next stop Barony of the Dead , mostly a diplomatic visit with allies. Kormatin got his living and dead sidekick officially deputized into Order of the Lantern. They also picked up some anti-undead tear gas made from Emerande 's ashes. They also perused the library a bit.   Next stop Iron Hills Barony   Using tavern bro tactics, Kormatin got a meeting with Baron Fergus who also got on board with Kormatin's plan. Ragani also bought a lot of iron.   Next stop Barony of Bats .   They got a fairly warm welcome as they wanted to expanded their spiritual literacy with Zarthus and Khemra . The Bats offered a small of amount of troops to Kormatin's plan.
Report Date
09 Aug 2022
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Cover image: Map of the Border Baronies by Pendrake


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