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Prophet's Pass has had many names and many governments.   Right now the government is ruled by a council of five named the Pentarchy.  Both are influenced by the politically powerful Temple of the Mountain Winds controlled by Nami's Rovers.   While the guild leaders do use their power in the Pentarchy to advance guild interests, the council is at least moderately civic minded and they don't want to harm or fleece the local populace too much.


The Pentarchy is made up of the highest ranking Stewards of the Gift, an elected representative from among the guilds, the commander of the army, the eldest man and the eldest woman.   They discuss issues and then vote on them and possibly pass new laws or more commonly they listen to disputes and then discuss a solution to the dispute among themselves.


West Borderlanders don't pay their government much mind. They handle their own affairs and keep their heads down.   Most of the local farms are run by Yeomen families with a tiny handful of wealthy land owners with operate their lands via employees.


Prophet's Pass is the first place most people west of the World Seam Mountains see of the Border Baronies and this reinforces the stereotype of the Border Baronies being politically unstable.   Very few governments last longer than twenty years. The current government has been in power almost seven years.

Demography and Population

Prophet's Pass has roughly 65,000 mortal souls as permanent residents.   Prophet's Pass is one of the more high traffic areas of the Border Baronies region so there are usually at least a few hundred visitors passing through at any given point.   The permanent population is roughly 90% humans, 5% gnomes, 5% other


Prophet's Pass has about a thousand full time soldiers, mostly classified as men at arms (five-dice combat pools), but most are cross-trained in several weapons able to handle pole weapons, weapon and shield, and crossbows or long bows.   About four thousand civilians are part of the militia (four dice combat pools) though it very rarely called upon by the government, unless goblins are sited in the area or something similar. Many of the militia moonlight as discount mercenaries, serving as escorts for merchants traveling the winding Borderlands trails.


All religious practices are allowed, the Stewards of the Gift are actually part of the ruling council and the Rovers have a very famous temple here. Korus and Nami worship are both popular but neither of these religious groups will use their influence to hamper other religious groups.

Foreign Relations

A few merchants have substantial foreign connections but almost no one inside or outside of the Border Baronies botheres to make treaties or deals with the region's rulers because even among the Border Baronies region, Prophet's Pass is famous for have an unstable and ever-changing government.

Agriculture & Industry

Prophet's Pass is very self-sufficient with a wide variety of natural resources.   Prophets Pass has fairly fertile valleys for farming and about half the population are farmers. The second largest groups are herders who keep sheep and goats.   Beyond the economy is merchant based as a lot of travelers between Fumaya and Swynfaredia and the rest of the Border Barones passes through here. They also see a a fair bit of visitors from Stahlheim on their way to trade with nations to the west of The World Seam Mountains or other Border Baronies.   There is also a decent amount of timberland and a few small mines.   Also, they have a tourist industry of sorts because lots of people come by to visit the oracles.

Trade & Transport

Like the rest of the Borderlands region, the rugged terrain makes travel slow and somewhat dangerous. Most trade is done via mule trains.   Prophet's Pass is less rugged than most of the other Border Baronies, so relatively speaking it gets a lot of traffic.
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