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Nami stats in brief

Nami “The Inspired One” “The Passionate One” “The Storm Maker”   Alignment: Chaotic Neutral   Priests’ Nickname: Rovers on the Wind, Short form, Rovers.   Favored Weapon: Morningstar   Common Symbol: Cloud that’s half stormy and half white and fluffy, optional rainbow and lightning bolt. Any weather symbol can be a Nami symbol.   Favored Magic: Divination, Purification, Weather   Divine Trophy : Nami wove a bag out of Turoch hairs, out of which she pulls storms and a number of things you wouldn’t expect out of a fiber bag. The prototype of all Bags of Holding.   Primary Dominion : Weather   Primary Gift to Mortals: Free will   Synopsis: Nami wants mortals to embrace their passions and embrace change. She charges her followers to expose hypocrisies whenever possible. She determines all weather altering it to fit her moods. She is believed to have a hand in any unusual events even those not tied to the weather as she wants to see how people (and her siblings) well react.   Priests and Primary Followers: Very few mortals don’t worship Nami, but it’s fairly rare for Nami to be worshiped primarily. A few nomadic groups and scoundrel types sometimes worship her primarily. With very broad but not very deep worship, Nami's priests and priests are often nomadic, hence why they are nicknamed "Rovers". Most cultures have festivals and holy days to Nami at different times of the year and it’s not uncommon for Nami’s priests to move on circuits specializing in presiding over those rituals and festivities. Others travel about doing Nami’s will in a less predictable fashion. Most temples are geared more around providing rest areas and bases for traveling priests than to administering flocks. Priests are allowed to recruit whomever they want as apprentices and train them pretty much as they see fit.   Common Times to Invoke her Name: Nami is most frequently praised before begin a revel. She is sometimes asked or thanked for favorable weather but the common belief is that she is largely un-swayed by prayers in that regard and does whatever she feels like most of the time.   Basic Tenets: -Embrace you passions, do not restrain them.   -Be like the weather: Don’t be predictable but don’t be completely random either.   -Embrace change in all its forms.   -Prevent others from taking themselves too seriously and expose the lies and hypocrisies they try to hide behind.     Nami’s Portfolio includes but is not limited to: Weather, freedom, prophecy, creativity, madness, arson, theft, travel, merriment, chaos, unorthodox wisdom, warlocks, humor, orcs     Nami the Portfolio Thief: Nami challenges the monopoly of many of her divine siblings. She moonlights as a foe to the undead, music patron, magic goddess, nature goddess despite the fact that these things are officially the domain of someone else. At some point she has dabbled in nearly everything that another deity considers their exclusive territory.
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