Khemra stats in brief

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Godly Nicknames: The Blazing Eye, the Compact Forger, the Sun Blinded   Priests’ Nickname: Keepers of the Way. Short form, Keepers . Originally I made them kind of like the Lasombra from Vampire the Masquerade as in “My Brother’s Keeper” but I’m not sure that Biblical reference works in a fantasy world based on D&D.   Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace   Most Common Symbol: A golden sun wreathed in orange and red flames with a purple eyeball in the middle. Common symbols include suns, fire, books, quills, birds of prey, and scepters among other things.   Favored Magic: Divination, Purification, Wrath   Divine Trophy : Khemra forged a shield out of Turoch's eyes.   Primary Dominion: The Sun   Primary Gift to Mortals: Reading and Writing   Synopsis: Khemra believes in creating ordered societies where everyone has a place and role in their society and everyone works together for collective benefit. She is very concerned with traditions and histories being forgotten. She taught mortals the first writing systems to help preserve knowledge and combat this forgetting. Khemra believes that only through the Compact she helped push were all the Nine able to put aside their differences and overthrow Turoch. She continues to try to enforce the tenets of the Compact over her siblings to make sure everyone still behaves today as they earlier agreed that they would. Depending on who you ask, either Khemra moves the sun across the sky every day or Khemra is the sun. The fact that the sun sets every night is a testament to her willingness to limit her own influence due to the provisions set forth by the Compact .   Priests and Primary Followers: Khemra's priests are so interested in good government they usually have at least an advisory role in most states. The Keepers like to demonstrate that they are team players and generally don’t make power grabs, at least not overtly. The exception is the theocratic nation of Khemarok where they rule directly (they still condescendingly invite other priests to join them). They are the primary state religion of the Elven Empire and a handful of smaller nations. Khemra worship is broad elsewhere but does not permeate very deep into the lower classes of most places.   Common Times to Invoke her Name: Khemra is often praised at dawn and/or dusk to thank her for the sun. Khemra is often prayed to before conducting research or a similar tasked based on writing or preserved lore in some way.   Basic Tenets: -Follow the roles you were destined for and make sure others do likewise and don’t overstep their bounds.   -Seek and share knowledge and make sure it is preserved for future generations.   -Help create and maintain ordered societies for this is the way to ultimately benefit all.     Khemra’s Portfolio includes but is not limited to: The sun, literacy, history, law, oaths of fealty, hierarchies, translators, traditions, travel, regulation of the Nine as a whole, grandeur, royalty, and being a foe to the undead
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