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Steward, feudal

Nearly every Count, Duke, and King has a Steward in their court. The Steward has many local names. Sometimes called the Seneschal, Keeper of the Purse, or Master of Coins among other names, the role of the Steward is the same: manage the fiefdom's income and expenses, manage inventories of important supplies, make sure local laws are followed (or circumvented), perform routine maintenance of assets, and make sure the staff is content and well compensated.   Barons and knights rarely are wealthy or influential enough to have a full-time steward but they often have a retainer who acts as a part-time steward or else they have to take care of their finances themselves.   The Steward can be male or female. Often, the Steward is the spouse, sibling, or child of the local ruler, particularly if the local lord or lady cannot afford to maintain a large court.   Uskala: Master of Coin Fumaya: Steward (of the Realm) Uskala: Steward (of the Coins) Kantoc: Keeper of the Purse Khemarok: Steward (of the Vault)


Be loyal to the ruler and have a good head for finance and management.   In RPG terms, having a good rating in the Seneschal Ability is the abstraction to show one's competance with this.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Most realms, the local prince can fire his steward at any time.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Master of Coin, Keeper of the Purse
Source of Authority
appointment by the local ruler
Length of Term
at the pleasure of their lord or lady
Related Locations
Related Professions

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