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Jelsa, Granddaughter of Pogerth

Considering her relatively young age, Jelsa is one of the most powerful gnome draconic sorcerers in all of Scarterra. She is a skilled Illusionist and Invoker and a dabbler in Abjuration and Conjuration.   She was born in Penarchia but after adventuring around Penarchia and hearing rumors of how the land of Swynfaredia gives special status to sorceresses with direct dragon blood ties, opted to travel there and due to her magical power and social skills, and her visibly draconic eyes, was able to convince the Queen Gwendolyn to name her Speaker for the Gnomes. As Speaker for the Gnomes, she takes her duties of ensuring that gnomes are well-treated seriously, but most of the Swynfaredian gnomes have not warmed up to her and do not believe she will put their welfare above her own political ambitions, and they are probably right. Jelsa will react quickly if a gnome is physically harmed but she has has done very little to help gnomes get better access to education and professions and has arguably made things more difficult for gnome wizards.   She spends more time hobnobbing in the banquet halls of influential dragonbloods than she does visiting gnome communties.   Her long-term goal is to find a suitable mate and found a gnome landed dragonblood line.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

It's not particularly noticeable if she is standing next to other gnomes, but she is a fair bit taller than most gnomes.
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1787 CE 51 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Year of Greymoria, Month of Phidas
Penarchian village of no import
draconic green
Aligned Organization

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