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Invocation Magic Chart

Invocation does not have a spell list, it is more free form.   Roll Stamina + Invocation against difficulty 6, count up your successes and divide them among these categories. Quintessence cost to use Invocation is one point per two successes roll, rounded up.  

Damage Type

0 success lethal damage or bashing damage, caster’s choice   2 successes aggravated damage    

Potential Defense

0 success Normal soak   1 success Half the normal armor bonus   2 successes Bypass armor entirely      

Base Damage

  1 success 5 dice of damage   2 successes 7 dice of damage   3 successes 9 dice of damage   4 successes 10 dice of damage   +1 success +1 die of damage      


  0 success Ray against one target, or touch attack with +1 extra damage   1 success 30 foot line   2 successes 10 foot radius, 60 foot line   3 successes 30 foot cone, 20 foot radius   4 successes 60 foot cone    


  0 success 60 feet or less   1 success 60-150 feet   2 successes 150-300 feet   +1 success +150 feet   Ray attacks require Dexterity + Archery or Dexterity + Athletics to hit, whichever is higher. Difficulty is normally 6 but is subject to the same range modifiers for cover that mundane archery is. Additional successes beyond the minimum needed to hit add to the damage dice rolled.   Touch attacks require Dexterity + Brawl, difficulty 4 to hit. Additional successes beyond the minimum needed to hit add to the damage dice rolled.

Optional Spell List

  Many invokers learn a few a non-combat applications of their school, many others don't bother.  

First Circle Spells

  Finger Candle: The casters finger or thumb carries a flame like a candle for one minute per success rolled. The tiny flame won't harm the caster, but it will put off light like a candle and more usefully it can be used to quickly and easily light lanterns, torches, kindling. Stamina   Light: The caster glows with light roughly equivalent to a standard torch for one hour per success roll. The caster can make an inanimate object or a willing person glow instead of himself, but the spell difficulty goes up by 1. The light produces no heat. Stamina  

Second Circle Spells

  Sky Flare (Light): Any invoker can choose to shoot nondamaging sparks but an an invoker with this spell can create sparks of any color and can shoot them very far into the sky so that they can be seen for miles away Stamina    

Third Circle Spells

  Fireworks (Light, Sky Flare): This spell functions as Sky Flare but the caster can cause the flares to take the form of recognizable symbols or shapes. The more successes rolled the more beautiful and complicated the explosions can be. Intelligence

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