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Swynfaredian Children

The Children within the land of Swynfaredia are anomalous from other Children in that they are publicly playing politics.    In most places in Scarterra, the Greymoria worship is officially or unofficially restricted so they don't have much opportunity to play politics.  In Kahdisteria, the Children are the undisputed ruling religious order so they don't really need to play politics.

Tenets of Faith

After nearly 900 years of Swynferidian history, the Swynferidian Children were shaped by their environment gradually to the point where they no longer have much in common with other human dominate Children.   Normally, Greymoria's faithful preach that mages are equal in worth at least a s baseline. Raw power is more important than the origin of one's arcane power. Given that Swynferidians preach about sorcerers being superior to non-sorcerers for the entirety of the Kingdom of Swynfaredia's that this attitude rubbed off on the local Children. The Swynferidian Children preach that sorcerers are innately superior to wizards and warlocks, though they are more accepting of wizards and warlocks than the dragon blooded nobles themselves.   Wizards are generally second class citizens in Swynfaredia but wizards and warlocks affiliated with Greymoria's Children have a modicum more respect from the nobility than non-sorcerous mages that are independent.   While the Swynferidian Children have completely bought the propaganda that sorcerers are the top level of society, they are lukewarm at best with the societal notion that highborn draconic sorcerers are superior to all other sorcerers.


A large number of the Swynferidian Children's new recruits are the squib children of the nobility.  Most squib recruits develop theurgy quickly being highly motivated.     A significant minority of their recruits are the bastard sorcerous children of the nobility or are common born "witch touched" sorcerers.  This is a major reason why the local Children do not fully buy into the class prejudice of the local rulers.   Technically, the Swynferidian Children will accept new recruits from any segment of society but initiates who are not bastard sorcerers or high born squibs have to work twice as hard to be accepted.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Children represent the single most politically connected priesthood in Swynfaredia but they are not unchecked.  Korus' Stewards and [Khemra's are also fairly powerful.   The local Tenders, Lanterns, and Guardians are individually weaker than the Swynferidian Children but they usually act in unison making them more than a match for them politically.   When the Swynferidian Children play politics, they are equally willing to act above board or under the table.  They tend to exercise their power by leaning on bureaucratic institutions such as the Arcane Registry, magically savvy mercenary companies, and guilds that deal with reagents trading.
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