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Torches Session 30, Goblins Unchained

General Summary

Kormatin and company ended last session digesting a scary revelation from a chat with the damn soul of the late Count Kynan ap Gruffyl.   Since we had talked about Kormatin sponsoring a bat house in the Barony of Baron Fyodor Deorac IV, we retroactively had Kormatin fork over a couple hundred silver pieces for that endeavor.   Having ditched Inara par Gruffyl, Kormatin and his usual traveling companions flew across a large swath of Swynfaredia and swung by Klarica County.   After some invisible and/or polymorphed scouting, the party estimated around around 140 goblin slaves and about 50 human support staff (guards, overseers, lead smelters) had camps nearby. The mine had one main entrance and three sealed former entrances.   The mine did not have a night crew, and the goblins all got to sleep at night. The goblins were kept in four windowless buidlings surrounded by a stone wall and guarded at night. A sorceress put Abjurations around active entrances to the mine and encampments at night.   Kormatin's party made it back to Fumaya without incident. They got some caltrops and bought some incidentals and swung by to pick up Hallmar Snowview as discussed previous session.   The party were disguised as shifty mercenaries but they opted to kill a mounted guard patrol rather than than try to bluff them. They tied up the horses and proceeded to the goblin barrios.   Using a lot of invisiblity spells, they mostly avoided the guards. Bendek used his Spider Climb spell to let Kormatin and Ragani scale the wall, but shortly thereafter Bendek and Brigid alerted a guard patrol while trying to disable the Alarm spell around the perimeter.   An alarm bell was sounded and eventually reinforcements came from the supervisor camp.   While Kormatin bashed down the doors of the goblins barrios, gave a brief speech of liberation and distributed knives to the goblins. Brigid and Bendek fought the reinforcements as the goblins gradually overwhelmed the gate guards.   A Fang Warrior sorceress (later learned to be named Lunet ap Selwyth), tried to use a messenger spirit from a summoning charm but Bendek dispelled it with Reactionary Dispel. Twice Brigid tried to invoke her. Once Lunet dispelled the magical attack and a second time she partially dispelled the attack and ended up taking a minor wound.   Lunet eventually drank a Fast potion and ran towards the mine while Bendek, Brigid, and Hallmar took killed two of the elite guards, caused one to flee, and got the surrender of a badl wounded guard who they protected with invisiblity when goblins poured out of the walled compound.   After a brief chat with some goblins, Kormatin and Ragani rendevoused with the rest of the party, they conducted a quick interrogation on their prisoner. They learned that the sorceress was a powerful abjurer, modest illusionest named Lunet. They learned that the mine was housing goblin zombies, and that books and furniture were sneaked into the mine's lower caverns behind portculous making it nigh certain a lich was down there.   The party went towards the mine. As warned, a great many powerful goblin zombies poured out of the mine.   The zombies went straight for the rioting goblins slaves. Kormatin and company diverted to help the goblins fight off the zombies and managed to save a small minority of the goblins and slay dozens of tier three zombies.   After a brief moment of deliberation, Kormatin decided to lead his party to kill lich led his party into the mine. Bendek and Hallmar sealed up the main entrance and opened a path through one of the closed secondary entrances then it closed it behind them to hide their tracks.   The party entered the mine and reached the lower portculous with no opposition. Session ends.
Report Date
07 May 2024
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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