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Count Broderick ap Gruffyl

Count Broderick ap Gruffyl

Broderick was the father of Rohdri ap Gruffyl and was the highest ranking member of House Gruffyl for the last portion of his life. Unlike his father and son, he never Patriarch of House Gruffyl, happily yielding that responsibility to Lady Ebrilla.   He was not as aggressive or as charismatic as his father or son, but Broderick was intelligent and concerned with his legacy. He was a mediocre sorcerer at best. He died a third circle Diviner, and a second circle Illusionist and Abjurer.   He spent most of his reign focused on administration. As count, he improved the roads, granaries, and general infrastructure of his counties.   Broderick was fairly well liked by the commoners under his sway. While he did have a Mask-like tendency to loudly broadcast his acts of generosity to the small folk, this was marked improvement over his father who was openly an arrogant elitist.   Rohdri is not very similar to his father personality wise but he has mostly copied Broderick's management style with regards to day-to-day administration, taxation policies, and general acts of public largesse to the commoners.  

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Broderick had five children though Rohdri was the only sorcerer.   One child died as an infant and the other three were Squibs.   Kynan ap Gruffyl is the eldest child who is currently a valued retainer of Rohdri.   Eirwen ap Gruffyl has informally removed herself from the family.   Siani ap Gruffyl married a squib from House Fremiss-Caedwin and works in the Duchy of Caedwin as a reagent forager.   If Broderick had any bastards, he kept them hidden.

Mental Trauma

Broderick was perpetually stressed out. He usually kept a lid on this, but he had a few embarassing very public snaps. This was a large contributor to why he was generally introverted and avoided public ceremonies.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
1760 CE 1820 CE 60 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Greymoria's Zodiac Year, Mera's Zodiac Month
Circumstances of Death
illness and age accelerated by stress

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