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A squib is more of a social affliction than a physical one since technically a squib is a "normal" person.  Whenever a hereditary supernatural ability skips a generation, the child is referred to a squib, especially if the condition is expected and wished for.
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  Technically, any hereditary supernatural ability can lead to the birth of a squib, but in the vast majority of cases where the term "squib" is used, squibs are the children of sorcerers and/or sorceresses though the term can apply to favored souls or warlocks as well.


Some say it's simply a manner of blood thinning, but there a wide variety of superstitions regarding traits of the parents, the nature of a child's conceptions, and the actions of a pregnant mother believed to influence whether a child's magical ability breeds true or fizzles out.   Many of these superstitions are vague and contradictory.


It was only after the founding of the kingdom of Swynfaredia was the term "squib" widely used.  That was the first time in recorded history where a culture went out of it's way to try to encourage the births of sorcerers and sorcerers so when expected sorcerous births were not forthcoming, they needed a term for it.

Cultural Reception

Being a squib is viewed as a bad thing by societies that value magical power such as Kingdom of Swynfaredia and to a lesser extant Kahdisteria. Elsewhere squibs are just considered normal people When squib is used, it is usually as an insult but it can also be fact that no one likes to admit, similar to the lable "bastard."   "Squib" can also be figurative. A person with weak sorcerous ability is technically a sorcerer but they may be called a "squib" as a pejorative.
Affected Species

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